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App description: Nomolos: Storming the Catsle, an 8-bit, retro platformer made in the 21st century for the NES, is now available for your iOS device!

* Authentic, old-school platforming action!
* Native support for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices!
* Square-pixel and 4:3 aspect ratios available through portrait and landscape modes on most devices!
* TV Out with HD upscaling!
* Support for the iCade, iCade mobile, and iCade 8-Bitty Bluetooth controllers! (Configure from the Nomolos item in the Settings app.)
* Cycle-exact, 60fps NES emulation with 44.1khz sound on all supported devices using our iOS-optimized build of Macifom.


Ever have a dear friend taken to a dark castle by a jealous hippo queen in a world inhabited by hostile, demonic creatures? No? Well, neither has Nomolos...UNTIL NOW!

Play as domestic- cat-turned-knight in this brand new side scrolling platform game for the NES. To save his feline friend Snow, Nomolos is willing to explore ghostly graveyards and ancient ruins, go spelunking in ice caverns, and navigate treacherous volcanic mountain-sides to reach the hippo queen's Catsle.

The terrain will be filled with relentless enemies and fierce bosses, but luckily, Nomolos will be armed to the whiskers with lances, maces, and his trusty sword. With three difficulty settings, players of all skill levels can tackle the appropriate challenge.

So what are you waiting for? Don't be a scaredy cat! Go and rescue Snow!

Presented by Gradual Games, Retrozone and Sandboxskiff.
01-02-2014, 01:45 AM
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I found a 8-minute gameplay video here:


I wonder if there's.... More options for running other NES titles inside this app?
01-02-2014, 01:55 AM
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What does this mean?

TV Out with HD upscaling!