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App description: sLots of Words combines the best of slots games and word games to create a fun twist on both. Spin and try to complete words with random letters and power-ups. Earn virtual coins as letters are played and words are completed. Random bonuses add to the fun. Unlock new levels and buy more power-ups with virtual coins earned while playing. Available for FREE download now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Endless Replay Value
* Free Addictive Word Game - A fun & unique twist on word games
* Exciting Slots Action - Not your average slots, spin to complete words
* 8 Fun Themes & 48 Challenging Levels to Explore
* Themes include: Animal Life, Sports, Colors, Technology, Food & Drink, Outdoor Activities, Arts & Entertainment, Cities of the World
* Lots of random words to complete in each level
* Random bonuses & random power-ups
* Compete with friends on Game Center leaderboards

Earn Virtual Coins to Explore New Levels
* Letter values reflect rarity, playing rarer letters earns more virtual coins
* Virtual coins are earned while playing but are not required to spin or start new games
* New levels and additional power-ups can be purchased with virtual coins won in games

This app is for entertainment purposes only. Virtual coins are earned while playing the game. Additional virtual coins can be purchased for real money but are not required to play or complete the game.

dbrewapps's comments:
Digital Brew has launched our first app, sLots of Words! It is Free so give it a try:

The goal of sLots of Words! is to earn maximum virtual coins by using random letters and power-ups retrieved on a slots wheel to spell as many words as possible before running out of spins. Players start with 5 spins and five random words are in play at a time chosen from the active themed level. The concept for the game was developed from our love of Slots Games and Word Games. We noticed that most slots games follow the same formula. By combining slots game mechanics and word game logic we hope to break this mold and offer a fresh take on both slots and word games that is fun and engaging.
  • 8 Fun themes and 48 challenging levels
  • Spin the slots wheel to retrieve random letters and power-ups
  • Start new games with 5 spins, additional spins are awarded randomly on the slots wheel or on words in play, and earn a new spin for every 3rd completed word
  • Earn virtual coins by playing letters and power-ups on any of five active words in play
  • Earn maximum virtual coins by spelling complete words, random multipliers add to the fun
  • This is a free game but offers in app purchase which is not required to complete the game
  • Game Center integration is included

More info: http://dbrewapps.com/