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iPhone: Ynth (v1.2 Out. Now with iPad HD grafix)

08-08-2009, 01:11 PM
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Ynth (v1.2 Out. Now with iPad HD grafix)

Ynth - 2.99 - 7.1mb - Link

On a family trip, small red bug Kribl got hit by a vicious wind gust and was carried far away to a spooky marshland.

Centuries ago mysterious creatures lived here in their bizarre labyrinth-like dwellings. To repel burglars, many deadly traps were installed.

Looking for an exit, Kribl is straying through this ghost town on the marsh...

Ynth is a clever new jump & turn game. It combines puzzle and 2d jump & run elements to a fascinating game that is easy to pick up and stays entertaining and challenging for hours.

- Custom-built for iPhone, super-smooth physics-based gameplay.
- Easy and intuitive controls.
- Beautiful handdrawn graphics.
- More than sixty levels.
- Handmade music and sounds.
- Keep listening to iPod tracks while playing the game.

More info at http://www.krabl.com


The basic premise is to get from one side of the field to other. However there is a lake of muck that stops your little ladybug from making it there. So you hop into these boxes and when you reach a corner you can push on it to make the box fall on that size and rotate 90 degrees. You basically use the boxes as a hamster wheel to get to the other side.

While you are doing that spiky fruit rain down and sometimes get into the box with you. A dangerous spot to be in since everything I've seen in the game so far kills you.

So far I'm really enjoying the game. I'm not sure it's worth that 4.99 price point just yet but I'm also not that far into the game. There is also a Lite version so you can try it out for yourself.

Ynth Lite - Free - 4.7mb - Link

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08-18-2009, 06:52 AM
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this thread needs to get more attention!

love the game!

08-18-2009, 07:16 AM
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Hard to get attention for a ladybug game at $5 with the gfx of a $1 game
08-18-2009, 07:19 AM
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This game looks pretty good. Looks like an interesting spin (no pun intended) on a puzzle game.

I'm curious, how exactly do you pronounce the title of this game?



Ah nevermind. FML

Two guys walked into a bar. You think they would've seen it or something.
08-18-2009, 07:32 AM
The game is great! Everyone should download it now!
08-18-2009, 07:48 AM
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yeah, it was hard to resist, but i couldn't wait to get it...
08-18-2009, 09:00 AM
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I have to agree that I was skeptical about the price for the game, but after playing the Lite version I was hooked and had to pick up the full version. This is a very fun and different form of puzzler and deserves some attention. I'm glad TA gave it some love on the front page and made me check it out.

Lady Bug or not... this is one tough game.

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08-18-2009, 09:04 AM
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Well its on TA front page. Gotta try out the lite version atleast just to find out what it`s all about.
08-18-2009, 09:05 AM
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ill get the lite version first but i have no doubts im gonna like the full game
08-18-2009, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Hard to get attention for a ladybug game at $5 with the gfx of a $1 game
The gfx of a $1 game???
If you're basing that opinion on the static screenshots, then you're doing yourself an injustice.
This game really has to be played to really appreciate just how great the visuals are in animation.
The visuals may initially appear childish and simplistic, but when you see them "brought to life" you can see just how much love and attention there was poured into them.
This is great illustration and great animation. Just because it's not all 3D and glossy, it doesn't mean it's not good. This is animation in the traditional sense.

Like I said, the static screenshots really don't do the animation on this game justice.
Try the lite out for yourself and see...

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