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App description: Welcome to the Beach!

Your journey starts here.

Search for ancient secrets and treasures that are buried in the sand.

It's a hot day and you'll need to drink a lot. Let's collect some fruit and make delicious smoothies to quench our thirst.


Treasure Beach contains over 20 different game modes that test your speed, reasoning and memory. Fun for all ages.

Arctica's comments:

Treasure Beach is a unique logic, perception and reaction game that challenges your abilities to their limits.

Journey through the beach and face new challenges at every step. You have the choice of selecting a style of play that best suits you. You can focus mainly on logic based game modes or let your perception and reaction speed get you to the next level.

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Game modes are divided into five main categories:

In Tap Grid mode, groups of fruit are spawned on screen one after another and you have to pick out the target fruits within a limited time. This resembles classic find-it games with dynamic content.

In Swipe Fill mode falling fruits fill the screen and you have to identify the longest continuous path of similar fruits. The largest grid size contains over a hundred fruits and a huge amount of concentration is needed to find the largest group. The game also includes a very advanced path finding algorithm that immediately displays the optimal path if you have missed any fruits.

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Swipe Grid is similar to Swipe Fill but each group is spawned on a blank screen. This mode also contains blank spaces that can be passed freely. Having the blank spaces around makes the game even more challenging since they can be used to connect several different groups.

Tap Glide and Tap Random modes let you test your perception and reaction speed. Fruits appear randomly or float in various directions. You have to pick out the correct targets before they disappear from the screen.

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All tap modes also have a multi-target feature. In multi-target mode you have to adjust your mind to rapidly changing targets and focus on multiple fruit types at the same time.

You can play any individual game mode separately and try to reach new hi-scores, or you can play the journey mode where you have to pass pre-defined challenges in order to advance on the map. Achieving maximum score is awarded with a revealed secret on the Beach View.

- retina graphics with high resolution textures
- smooth 60 fps framerate
- over 20 game modes
- very fast path finding algorithms
- tests your reaction speed, pattern recognition, logical thinking and concentration
- journey mode can be completed with multiple different playing styles
- compete with other players in GameCenter

iTunes link:
Treasure Beach

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