App description: In the world under the sea, the school of fish gathers to witness one of nature's greatest contests. The annual sea race is a true holiday sports classic!

Swimmers from all over the world submitted applications but only the very best were selected.
The jury has announced 5 contestants this year:

- Sheephead: Rookie contestant, weighting 30lbs. Representing Mexico.
- Napoleon: The majestic Napoleon, weighting 8lbs. Representing France.
- Piraa: Ferocious swimmer with good skills, weighting 18lbs. Representing Brazil.
- Dolphin: Last year's runner up. Weighting 400lbs. A strong contender this year. Representing USA.
- Shark: The reigning champion, weighting 3.500lbs, representing Australia.

Will they be ready for the event? Will they be able to avoid the dangers and reach the final goal? Who is the fastest swimmer?

The rules have been set. Collect as many points as possible while swimming the hardest to be really fast to the goal.

Earn special achievement medals to collect pearl rewards.

The swimmers are set and ready to start!
Jump in and play to be the fastest swimmer in the world!
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Hmmm.... Like the icon.

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Pocket Swimmers by Goaba Interactive

Thanks guys!

The game has been updated and is now FREE!!

iTunes Link:

It is available for Android enthusiasts on GooglePlay as well.

How did you enjoy the game?

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game was updated and is now even more awesome!

Website : [url][/url]
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HoHo--who you callin' dip ship?
Cool! It's out on Android? Think I'll give this a try on my phone then!
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ahaha misspelled keyword

Website : [url][/url]
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