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Best endless runners

01-04-2014, 01:10 AM
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Best endless runners

IDE like to c what u all consider the best and hopefully bring new games to my attention

Only ones I know of
Sheep happens
Jet pack joyride
Ray man
Earn or die
Bike race
01-04-2014, 01:24 AM
Here are some of my favorites:

Blood Roofs
Boson X
Extreme Bike Trip

Wait till Exact-Psience posts here, he has good tastes

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01-04-2014, 01:30 AM
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Air Supply Infinite
Strike Force Heroes Extraction
01-04-2014, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Bronxsta View Post
Wait till Exact-Psience posts here, he has good tastes
I bugged EP once for a list, this is a copy of his response:

Behind-the-back Runners (w/ Tilt):

Temple Run Oz - best TR title hands-down. Things a bit more balanced coinage wise. The only negative i can find in this game is that the leaderboards can be bought with IAP, but it can get VERY expensive to do so. Definitely one of the best titles in the genre.

TheEndApp - great variety in background segments, and probably the most balanced "in-game-currency" balance in all those that have consumable IAP. It's technically a premium with the full unlock in terms of balance in gaining "duct tapes", but there is optional consumable IAP.

Blood Roofs - one of the most unique take on btb runners, and a personal favorite. Also, this is the ONLY runner with a progressive story line (story mode unlocks a bit the more you play it, but you have to reach a certain point each time to unlock a bit of the story), which makes it worth more than a few runs which makes it so much better than just simple grinding like in most runners. Bosses that are as huge as buildings... Just epic. One of the best runners, no doubt.

Run N Gun - unique in its theme and the way you gain coins, and it just controls perfectly. Great balance in coinage as well makes this a great freemium title.

Pitfall! - Despite being a TR clone, it did introduce some minor features which were adapted by later TR titles. Also, the view shifts make this a very unique experience for a btb runner.

Indiana Stone - beautiful voxel graphics, great unique and varied mechanics, and totally NO IAPs, makes this one of the best runners to date. Also, what could be more fun to be the chaser rather than the chasee? You also get to squish anything in your way.

Behind-the-back Runners (No-Tilt):

Subway Surfers - One of the most updated runners. Also, one of the best no-tilt controls on a btb runner EVER. These things makes it a worthy time-investment in grinding. On the other hand, if you cant dedicate to it, it is one of the most grindy freemium games ever.

Agent Dash - Like Subway Surfers, this is getting a lot of updates too. One of the more recent updates kinda made the game suck a bit, but the latest updates brought it back up to be a good contender in no-tilt brb runner list.

One Epic Knight - one of the few runners with non-stop blabbering from the main character which makes the game very entertaining. The one-liners are pretty funny too which add to the enjoyment. Also, this sports a better balance in coinage as the grinding isnt that hard as compared to Subway Surfers or Agent Dash.

Ninja Slash - This one is one of the most satisfying runners that involve killing things. Also has mechanics never found in any other btb runner. Unfortunately, i believe it's still a paid game (only a buck though), and the game's a bit on the grindy side. There are hidden mechanics like gaining more coins by making big combos, but it's still a bit grindy. If you decide to pick it up though, im sure you wont be disappointed.

Side Scrolling:

Rayman Jungle Run - Not endless, but definitely one of the best side scrolling runners on the market. Unique mechanics on each of the chapters, great and varied puzzle-like layout that makes everything feel like an adventure as opposed to the general grind-ish nature of the runner genre. No IAPs.

Ronin - A personal favorite. A very deceptive title as it looks simple, but it actually is one of the deepest runners on iOS as it sports a unique scoring mechanic that improves when you sacrifice some skills that actually help you through your runs. This became one of the best runner titles since the update that made it a total must-have. Everything in the game is just executed so well. No IAPs.

Polara - If you like skill based runner games, this one is a must-have. Totally unique in its offerings, and introduces a massive variety in terms of obstacles and traps. Just... GET IT. Definitely one of my favorites EVER, and im glad to be one of those who TOFTT for it and invited a lot of praise for the game from the community. No IAPs

Infinite Warrior - this is pretty unique in terms of its controls. No buttons, but you swipe in the indicated directions. Best looking side-scrolling runner that feels like a hack and slash game more than it is a runner. Each kill is just very satisfying with it's great looking motion-captured animation, and blood splatters. All this makes up for a simpler mechanic as opposed to the runner norm, but the aesthetics are just through the roof. Also, one of the most updated games on the appstore, and once you start rolling, you will realize, with the latest version, IAP is just too optional, that it's funny it even exists. Also a personal favorite.

Punch Quest - Take a simple runner formula, feed it cocaine, and you get Punch Quest. One of the most satisfying games I have played, but if played carelessly, can end up being too grindy. Personally, i didnt feel it was too grindy, but a few friends said they found it so.

God of Blades - Like Infinite Warrior, this game was at first more on the aesthetics rather than mechanics. Until one of the latest updates that added new game modes that made the game a bit of an RPG, and made it so that the new mode (Revenant mode i think it was called iirc) felt like an entirely new game. Still a bit more on the aesthetics, but i personally love this game. The mechanics may seem simple though, but the sounds, visuals and the gameplay style more than makes up for it.

Robot Unicorn Attacks - great controls, great visuals, and a badass (or otherwise) theme make this a great runner title and a blast to play. Also, this sports a great sense of speed which is surprisingly quite uncommon for the sidescrolling variety, unless you've reached great distances

Totem Runner - Not endless, but not a slouch either. Great visuals, great morphing mechanics that add to the game's variety and uniqueness, and a satisfying romp through its beautiful world. It's one great runner title

Vector - I usually love one-tap-touch controls, and this is one of those that come out on top of the list for me. Like Rayman Jungle Run, it isnt endless, but the runs are very satisfying with its fluid and realistic animations done silhouette style

Time Surfer - Many agreed that this was Tiny Wings on crack, and they are spot-on in that notion. Tiny Wings was great even with simplistic gameplay and aesthetics, and Time Surfer just improved on what Tiny Wings has offered. Great controls, and a great time-rewind mechanic makes for a fast and furious side-scrolling runner

Stylish Sprint - One of the first runners i played that contributed to me liking the genre very much. It's mechanics was quite unique back then with its jump+dash combos, and it birthed some of the better runners nowadays like Outland Games and Darkness Rush

Darkness Rush - take the Stylish Sprint mechanics, add in a Castlevania vibe, and you have one hell of a runner title that deserves to be played a lot

Necrorun - Also one of the first runners ive played and totally loved. A unique "aim" mechanic on top of glorious pixel graphics and jousting boss-ish fights, this game, despite being aged, is still one of the best runner games i have played

Zombie Tsunami - So here, you control a zombie... No, 2 zombies... No, 4. Well, you controls a bunch of them it fills the screen with zombies. One of the most fun times ive had on my iphone. Great one-tap touch controls, funny antics, great gameplay and wacky aesthetics makes this one a must-play

Run Roo Run - Great controls, brutal pixel-perfect-timing mechanic, and great visuals and sounds makes this one of my personal favorites. Add that to the fact that this has TONS of levels, and you get a great game in terms of mechanics and content. Not endless


Into the Dead - First person runner. One of the most atmospheric runners ever made. great visuals, mood and totally satisfying experience. Definitely a favorite. It's quite unique for being a first person runner, and there's only a few of it i know of, and this is definitely the best among those.

Iron Man 3 - Third person-action flyer. Probably the MOST grindy of all the titles here. Also, it feels a bit like an action shooter similar to After Burner which makes it a unique runner title. Other than it's obvious grind-or-IAP scheme, this title sports some of the best visuals for a runner game, most unique runner mechanics, and even more unique controls for the genre.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh - Free faller oozing with style. Great visuals, tons of content, great sound effects, and definitely awesome. Not endless though. This probably can get the most stylish runner-type game ever.

Super Mole Escape - Vertical runner. Great gameplay mechanics, well balanced coinage, great variety between avatars, and an overall satisfying game.

Captain Antarctica - Vertical Runner. Think Super Mole Escape, then add story mode, and boss fights, on top of the endless mode, and you have one of the most enjoyable runners. Since the Endless Mode update, this became better than SME.

Badland - Sure it's side-scrolling, but it's also a different set of things. It's a runner, it's a physics platformer, it's a puzzler, it's an adventure game. Yup. And for each of those genres it touches, it does it so well that this is one of the best games on the appstore, runner or otherwise.

Mr. Ninja - Ponos makes some of the most unique hi-score chasing games and this one is of the runner variety. it's not exactly an auto-runner, and that is what makes it a part of this list. Totally great game, great score mechanics, totally charming take on a unique formula.
01-04-2014, 01:48 AM
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Galactic Skater

Game Center: sink_or_swim
01-04-2014, 01:58 AM
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Minion tush
Ninja slash
01-04-2014, 02:32 AM
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Thanks for posting my previous list, they are still solid choices.

Adding these:
Redline Rush
Worm Run
Boson X
Kid Tripp - more platformer than runner
Bobbing - sort of a minimalistic Polara that sports brutal difficulty and a great sense of satisfaction on completion of each of the stages
Rock Runners

*The last 4 arent endless, but still some of the best auto-running platformers on iOS.

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01-04-2014, 02:39 AM
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This thread title is an oxymoron.
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Originally Posted by SumoSplash View Post
This thread title is an oxymoron.
The thread was definitely oxy until you joined in. j/k!

Exact-Psience My 2014 Top 10 Games of the Year: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Hearthstone, VVVVVV, Battleheart Legacy, Wayward Souls, Bug Heroes 2, Powerpuff Girls Defenders of Townsville, Deep Loot, Monument Valley, Bioshock Honorable Mentions: Traps N Gemstones, Bardbarian, Goblin Sword
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
The thread was definitely oxy until you joined in. j/k!
I think his name should be SplashSumo.