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App description: Heidis Herd is a unique platformer / jump and run game for the whole family and everyone who is young at heart.
Accompany Heidi through a year full of adventures in 40 exciting levels. Lead your herd to the stable and collect all diamonds to complete the level. Always protect your goats from danger such as howling wolves, poisonous mushroom and snails, hissing snakes, growling Yeti monsters, toxic barrels and aggressive hawks.
Beware of the falling rocks and pit traps! Defeat the mountain witch and regain a life. To score collect all kind of goodies. To score even more complete the level in the given time.
Use the magic wand and be surprised! Rescue caught goats from dangerous places and expand your herd. Explore mountain caves and find treasure chests. Use the shovel to free blocked passages, and move the lever to start lifts, or to drain water.
* 5 free and easy to follow rookie / introduction levels
* 40 diversified levels (5 free)
* 4 different themes: summer, autumn, winter and spring
* up to 4 save game slots
* highly configurable virtual joystick
Performance issues
- Please check the options, turn off the weather effects and set the performance to medium or low.
- This app is designed for tablets. It may not work on some smart phones.