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App description: Ready for a new challenge? SLUZZULS brings a unique sliding tile puzzle to the digital era through a beautifully designed app for your iPhone and iPad.

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How does SLUZZULS work? Simply slide the rows and columns around until you form 9 squares of 9 same colored tiles, repairing the original state of the unmixed puzzle.
Having a hard time? Tap the question mark during game play to have access to a collection of hint guides that teach you how to solve the board. You can also reset the board at any time to give a level another try, or try to complete one of over 20 achievements to maybe get a hint.
Not hard enough? Unlock 2 harder difficulties Harder and Hardest to get a proper challenge!

With 9 themes to choose from, you can pick the colors you find most relaxing. For those with difficulties discerning colors or are users of VoiceOver, you will be pleased to know that SLUZZULS is fully accessible!

What are you waiting for, give SLUZZULS a slide!

sweetdiss's comments:
This is a pretty slick little puzzle game. I've been having tons of fun with it lately.

01-07-2014, 04:01 AM
Really fun and challenging your brain, trust me!

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