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The Mallos need your help! Someone, or something, has placed a cruel curse on them. Creatures from their nightmares have begun to wreak havoc on their peaceful city.

Will you stand and fight for them? Are you prepared to solve the riddle of their misfortune? Or, will you abuse your powers and enact your own brand of havoc?

Super speed and agility are yours in heroic fashion. Incredible strength, impossible jumping capabilities and a mediocre weapon. All, at your disposal. Use them wisely. (New weapons to come!)


- Live animated rigid bodies. Zero pre-rendered animations.

- Self-aware A.I. that stands and walks on its own.

- A.I. has needs and wants. (Fears and more coming soon)

- Mallos go about their lives on their own. From walking home and sleeping, to going to work and generating resource points.

- First-person combat using active tilt measurements. (Pan the screen up and down as if it were a window into another world)

- Defend the city from nightmares.

- Run faster by looking at a downward angle while walking forwards.

- Perform a high-jump by looking at a downward angle and jumping.

- Jump farther by looking at an upward angle when jumping.

- Ability to grab Mallos and pull them around with you.

- Take heads of disabled Mallos to hospitals in order to repair them.

- Currently features 1 monster type, 1 monster head, and 1 drone unit. (More of all of these will be available in future updates.)

- Mallos will reproduce up to the maximum allowed, per user defined settings, but do not pass on genetic code.

- Active day/night cycle.

- HUD icons show you where things are happening.


- Turrets, weapons and other self-defense items for the Mallo people.

- More weapons and modes of interaction for the player.

- Transportation.

- The ability to save a game so you can continue playing it later.

- City planner with zone and building controls.

- Mallo customization options and genetic parenting.

- New types of monsters, monster heads and drones / minions.

- More activities for the Mallos to take part in.

- More building types and scenery.

Known bugs:

- Mallos (the block people) sometimes get stuck on each other.

- Drones and monsters dont try to avoid buildings yet.

Device Requirements:

iPhone 4 - Slow performance. Not recommended.
iPhone 4S - Untested, but may be acceptable.
iPhone 5 - Untested, should be acceptable.
iPhone 5c - Works very well.
iPhone 5S+ - Excellent performance expected.

iPod - Untested. 3rd generation or newer recommended.

iPad 1st Gen. - Slow performance. Not recommended.
iPad 2nd Gen.+ - Untested, but should be acceptable.

NOTE: Currently, Bytemare requires you to hold your device upright in front of you. Heavier tablets could be difficult to play on for extended periods. I do plan to add more casual forms of play.


Bytemare on Facebook: http://facebook.com/bytemaregame

Viitor Studios on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViitorStudios

Coming soon - Suggest new features and vote for what gets added next at the games official website: http://bytemare.net/

Feedback: support@bytemare.net


Bytemare app store artwork and game icon by M. Marcotte.
Marcotte Studios - http://marcottestudios.com/

Featuring music from the album Impeccable Micro by _ensnare_.

Viitor Studios Logo by Alaric LaBrie.
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This needs a video. Sanuku?