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App description: Connexio is the addictingly challenging Sliding Puzzle game designed for iOS 7. Strengthen your analytical and spatial visualization abilities while sliding colored rings along inter-connected pathways in as few moves as possible.


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01-11-2014, 03:06 PM
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Popped on the watchlist for when I've worked my way through some of the puzzles apps I've gotten the last few weeks.
01-12-2014, 04:05 PM
I tried it out. Personally don't care for it all that much. The goal is to get the colored circles to their respective docks by sliding them along the lines node by node. They can't go to a node that's occupied by another circle, though, so there's a lot of shuffling around, akin to a sliding block puzzle where there's only one open space.

The first pack of 25 levels required you to get only one colored circle to its endpoint. There is no challenge whatsoever in doing that except that, to get three stars, you have to get it there in the minimum number of moves. This includes not only the main circle but all of the filler circles as well. The second pack introduces another colored circle that you have to maneuver to its dock, and presumably the third and fourth packs add still more.

It's a relatively interesting premise, but it seems that the game derives most of its difficulty from complicated networks rather than clever design. It's just a tangled mass of nodes that you have to slowly analyze in order to figure out how to move. Many of the levels required 40 or more moves to finish, and you never know what the actual minimum is anyway, just perhaps that it's lower than whatever you just did. I just didn't find it all that motivating when each tangled mess looked like every other one.

When they start adding other circles, it definitely gets a bit more interesting, since it usually requires you to dock them in a particular order, but still not enough to really hold my attention for long.

The part that especially annoyed me, though, is the lak of undo. You can restart a level, but not undo your moves, meaning that I would occasionally make an accidental mistake at move 39 or so, and have to start over from scratch if I was shooting for the three stars.

Overall, I didn't find it worth the relatively high (I guess) price, as it didn't quite have the cleverness of design that would have made it shine.