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Too big a game to make?

01-11-2014, 09:16 PM
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Too big a game to make?

I was talking to guy guy who says he could make iOS games.... So I told him about an idea I had for a game and he said it was too big of a game to make....

My ideaik was a game of "Street Games".

I don't know if you all know what I mean, but I grew up in Phily and we played these all the time......

1. Halfball
2. Wire Ball
3. A game known by several names..... bottle caps , skellies, poison, and other names
4. 4 Square
5. Step Ball

And a couple others....

Too big a game?
01-11-2014, 10:09 PM
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It all depends on your resources. How much time and money you are willing to pimp in.

Typically, a game like Half Ball would be considered a game. Any of the others you listed would also be considered seperate games because the developer needs to code to enforce the different rules and program an AI that can play somewhat interestingly. Then also the need to debug because each change you make to the main program might affect the other parts in weird ways, and when you fix bug #1 in Halfball, the fix might create bug #1 in Wire Ball, which when fixed might create bug #2 in Halfball and bug #1 in Step Ball. Also if those other games use different art, music or sound effects, you also need to budget for creating or licensing those assets.

I am unfamiliar with the games you listed, but if one game is something like basketball, but another, bottle caps, is like a boardgame, then you need two separate game engines to handle them.

In short, to a programmer, that list is a whole lot more complicated than one game.

But it is not hopeless, because after all Publishers like Capcom and Midway had released compilation collections before and the way that was done was that each of those games in that compilation had been developed and debugged separately and each run under their own virtualised environment so none of them see each other, only the launcher program sees them, which limits the ability of games from causing bugs in other games.

So you might want to get your friend to code the five games, then find a professional code shop to code the wrapper and encase your games in independent virtual machines, perform testing etc.

There are a few of these outfits around, just go to the shop and pick up any of the compilations for 360 or PSP you see there and note down the developer...

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