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iPhone: Dragon slaughter 1.1 now available !- suggestions on wizard actions to win a code!

08-10-2009, 01:13 AM
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Dragon slaughter 1.1 now available !- suggestions on wizard actions to win a code!

What's new in V1.1?

- Double zoom-in
- Update status during pause
- Slow-scrolled story description
- Fix the bug of crystal excursion
- Show all possible spots for building
- Less difficult easy level in campaign mode

We're about to add more actions and abilities on the wizard, so that he won't just stand and wait for the monsters to hug him. Any feasible suggestion will win a promo code for the latest Dragon Slaughter V1.1
Please post the suggestion in this thread, not as Private Message.

Any comments, ideas, bug reports are welcome. We will accept all reasonable suggestions and send some promo codes as reward.

Please write your idears,suggestions,bug reports in this post to win a code!

The continent of Shambala is conquered by darkness power again. You’re the Great Wizard who should defeat the evil Dragon King and seal it to end this chaos.
Crystal tower is the only weapon to defeat the demons. Enhanced by element stones with 5 different powers: Fire, Water, Poison, Nature, Light. Each tower can be configured with maximum 3 stones. There will be special skills for combinations of different stones, such as Double Damage, Splash Attack, Poison… etc. Use them wisely to maximum your attack power .

Pack up your magical items, it’s time to save the world!

- Life time free upgrade.
- Isometric game engine brings you real magic world.
- Fantastic magic effects powered by particle system.
- 6 different maps with 2 playing modes.
- 36 combinations provides infinite crystal tower types.
- Unique element weakness system.
- In-game combination list for a quick reference.
- Internet ranking list to compete with the world for the highest score.
- 3 difficulties for players of all levels.
- Extra difficulty levels in challenge mode for hard core players.
- Pick priority target manually.
- Optional 3x game speed.
- Pause and resume , autosave game when a call coming in.
- Resume and play the stage you failed in campaign mode, no more start all over again
Element stone system:
The first stone decides the status type of a tower: power, speed, range, adaptation or balance. So choose it wisely. The combination of multiple element stones can be 2 or 3, same color or different colors. Each combination provides a special skill. The more complex, the more powerful it will be.

Element weakness:
Enemies have element weakness. It’s shown by element stone. White Crystal towers only inflict 75% of the full potential damage. Towers which have the same color as element weakness inflict 150% of the full potential damage. Colorful towers also have weakness, for example: purple towers inflict 150% damage on purple enemies, but only 50% damage on blue enemies. Make full use of that!

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08-10-2009, 01:15 AM
Wasn't there already a thread where we made our suggestions?..Anyway I'll just copy and paste what I said the other time.

Just downloaded and am now playing the lite version. This game seems great! My suggestion for what the wizard would be, is when you click on him, to "activate him", you will be able to drag your finger across the screen and cause spells such as lighting and ice. For lighting you will drag downward and cause a lighting bolt to hit the enemies in a small raidus. And for ice you could possibly swipe left and right slowing the pace of the enemies. Also he could cause a tornadoe which would be triggered by moving your finger in a circular motion. I'm not far into the lite version but one thing I have noticed is the fact that when I try to place my crystal towers in spots that seem open but aren't, the enemy will get by and attack the wizard while I try to find the "allowed" spot to place my tower. This could be annoying, so maybe there should be a button to bring up a grid of all allowed spots at once, and then press the button again so the grid disappears.

Just some of my thoughts.

08-10-2009, 01:17 AM
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Let the wizard be able to draw a line, and when you let go it makes a certain spell.

You can choose from different wizards with different spells and effects

You can only use it 3 or 5 times a game, so it's a last resort move.

That's my idea =S

Oh wow, looks like the others took my original idea and put it in a paragraph

08-10-2009, 01:17 AM
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I think for the wizards attacks there should be a meter for him and when its filled he could attack, and it goes up everytime monster dies or each level and do like a summon, lightning storm, or a spell to freeze, etc

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08-10-2009, 01:22 AM
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Wow, that looks pretty sweet. Instead of having the wizard wait for the monsters to surround him, he should prepare spells ahead of time to ready the attack. Different multitouch gestures would be an awesome way to equip or build up different spells.

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08-10-2009, 01:36 AM
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Also copy and pasted

I think the wizard should have a charge that slowly fills over 5-10 waves. The various spells would either do a certain amount of damage to multiple enemies , like lightening, or fire that would damage area over a broad area. Or you could have a wind storm, earthquake or maybe ice storm that pushes them back to the towers where the towers would have another chance to finish them off. The wizard spells should not be a guarantee kill, but an adjunct assuming the enemies have been worn down enough they would die. For extra coolness you could summon an elemental that would battle, but I thinkthat would only be available once every 50 waves or once / level. Maybe against the end boss? Elemental would last certain time 20 sec? Spells could be upgraded for power and duration, but would cost more than towers upgrade.

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08-10-2009, 01:53 AM
Not is possible make a "great magic" ?

For example, if you play "Bloons Tower Defense" when you go to lose you can press the "call super monkey" and this erase all the enemies in the map. But yes it costs much money.
08-10-2009, 02:11 AM
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I also like the idea of "drawing" spells. Depending on a paticular spells area of effect, you would be able to have a chance to hit x number of targets etc... Alà D&D.

The game looks nice, and I've come to expect good updates from RocKifone

best of success,


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08-10-2009, 04:54 AM
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Probably the wizard can say something like spells to summon a stone golem and whack those enemies who are about to hug him. I can only hear "ouch" sounds when he is being attacked. Some dialogue will be nice to entertain the gamer when he is standing there idle. Or he can teleport to some place safe when the enemies are about to catch him. This teleportation spell works for a while while you build a crystal tower near him to defend him.

Basic actions will be like to swing his magical staff and hit the enemies. It will be nice if he can do a combo like swing his staff and kick his enemies. Right now he is just staying motionless waiting for people to attack him.

The other spell I can think of is the thorns ambush which the wizard can summon from the ground. Thorns bushes will grow from the ground and prick the enemies till they die when they are near him. The bushes will act as a barrier for defense as well as attack but this spell can be used only three times in the game.
08-10-2009, 05:13 AM
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Wizard should be able to cast a spell that sends a dragon out on the path will help attack the first few enemies, and then the spell can't be summoned for a period of time. BasicAlly you unleash the dragon when you
know tour screwed and need help.

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