[FREE Promo Codes] Watch out Eggy, a puzzle based adventure game

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[FREE Promo Codes] Watch out Eggy, a puzzle based adventure game

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Watch out Eggy is available on the app store from the 18th January, 2014.

iTunes Download Link (Full version): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/watch-out-eggy/id721094048?ls=1&mt=8
iTunes Download Link (Free version): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/watch-out-eggy-free/id765543420?ls=1&mt=8

Game Description: People have been eating egg for years, and now the fun comes to your mobile device where you take the responsibility to rescue an egg! Watch out Eggy is a puzzle based adventure game with more than hundred levels. Be agile, Get your mind set and be ready for the enemies in the UFO who are looking for you! Don’t forget to free the innocent imprisoned eggs who are held captive inside. The Eggs are in grave danger. Are you the one who can save them?

• 12 bundles with more than hundred levels.
• Innovative game play.
• Funny egg characters.
• Outstanding comic story.
• Amazing graphics and interactive music.
• Exciting and helpful in-app purchase.

In game screenshots:

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