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App description: Jump into action with 'RISE OF WAR', a new perspective defense game. What's new? Most defense games are standalone, wave intensive and come with predefined targets. So, we envisioned and built a multi player defense game with strategically designed waves and random targets which vary according to skill of opponents every time you play. To captivate the intensity of war, we opted the historical context of World War 1 as our game's backdrop.

Game center:
- Customize your challenge with up to three friends in online multiplayer turn based game.
- Custom in-game 'Game center UI' that supports friends and game center matching, leaderboards and achievements

Immersive game play:
- Continue your mission on a sequence of 9 battles and enjoy hours of fun
- All battles are not alike and play each battle according to its own score strategy
- Hidden powers to bring randomness into game every time you play
- In-game selectable features and upgrades to take more control of fielded weapons
- Game play for both casual and serious gamers which could be played at your own pace/convenience
- 7 Towers and 12 Enemy units
- Well crafted HD game graphics and game features to keep you engaged
- Easy to learn with intuitive help screens

Go Social:
- Share and tell the world about your wins through Facebook and Twitter integrations

Universal APP:
- supports iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6+, iPad 2/3/new/mini, iPod touch 4/5.

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Website: http://rajanimation.com
Trailer: http://rajanimation.com/project/mobile-games/
2 minute Learn Video: http://youtu.be/rZpYxNwltoE

Jebudonga's comments:
RiseOfWar is released on App Store today and is now available for downloads.


2minute help video:

More game info is available at http://rajanimation.com/project/riseofwar/
01-20-2014, 12:16 AM
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More game info

We visualized to present TD game in some unexplored area. We wanted to make each battle a challenge round with opponents. We built this game with features and strategies and no two plays are same from the same player. RiseOfWarXtreme is aimed at core gamers as this mode presents tough scoring strategies. You take your turn in playing your next battle and till then you will be waiting for others to finish the current battle. When it comes to playing a battle, you are totally playing alone to score high and beat your opponents score in that battle. You might see somewhat low pace (compare to standalone TDs out there) as our intension is to make player concentrate on strategy to beat his opponents.

Please check 2 minute RiseOfWar help video:

We will be releasing standalone RiseOfWar soon which will accommodate both strategy and pace.

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