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iPhone Storage Cleaning Apps/Programs?

01-15-2014, 09:06 PM
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iPhone Storage Cleaning Apps/Programs?

I started with this in the Across Age thread, but instead of continuing to derail that thread, I thought I'd post here.

Vovin and chris1a gave me some tips on a problem I was having after installing Across Age 2. Basically, I had over a gigabyte free. And after installing AA2, I had ZERO bytes free even though that app was only 529 MB. I've had times where installing something and then rebooting I'd maybe gain a little space, but never had lost about 500 MB of space. And rebooting didn't work.

I've used iExplorer and iFunBox but don't really know where to look (Vovin gave me a path, but I think it may have changed under iOS 7 because I couldn't find it). I also found a utility on CNET for cleaning iPhones/iPads, but it cleaned a whopping 5 MB for me.

What's interesting is that ALL three of those Windows apps said I had well over 300 MB free (still lower than I expected, but more than what my iPhone was showing). So now I'm wondering if it's not just a temporary file taking up space, but also something where my phone isn't properly gauging my free space.

So anyway, are there any apps or Windows programs that can find problems like this or clean up wasted space? Or do you know the iOS 7 directories that may have some of the garbage?

chris1a said it looked like Apple had removed the cleaners from the App Store (bastards!). But any help would be great. I may have even more than that 500 MB that disappeared around on that thing!
01-16-2014, 07:52 AM
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Damn I saw one of those device cleaners pop up on appzap for free a few weeks ago, but I ignored it. Should have grabbed it. Apple wants so much control over us.... Though I doubt they would spare that much space anyway, the best thing to do is just delete unwanted crap..
I have like 5gig in photos alone. Really got to go through them at some stage.

Have you turned iCloud on? Least that'll save you 5gigs. Personally I don't wish to do that, but I'm running low on space now, had my device for almost a year, and it's 64gig, I've been downloading whatever I want with reckless abandonment, now I'll have to go back and do the walk of shame and delete the trash. 😢

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01-17-2014, 02:14 AM
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I have iClean installed on my device but it got pulled out from the appstore.

My first time trying it deleted 400+MB
and i use it Monthly and it deletes around 100-200MB

But my game data,songs,video are fine.