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App description: From the creators of devils jewels and Fruit Jump, now comes a completely original new game for mobile systems, totally free!

Devil's Cauldron!


This game uses the system of apple (gamecenter) in order to have online highscore and achievement . Please activate your gamecenter account in the game for more fun.


The absolute power of satan, awarded by the rejection of God, was released by the arcane secrets of a bloody and hellish cauldron.
millions ghosts, monsters, demons, ghouls, zombies, and countless horrific creatures, are devoured by the diabolical cauldron, all are thrown into a sea of ??hellfire.
Erika and her friends try to escape the bloody cauldron, you can help them?

DevilsCauldron is an original platform game, your mission is to try not to fall into the fire of Alvern satanic.
You can collect lost souls, coins and jewelry while surviving the holocaust hell. you can get special items that will help in this aventure. this game is infinite and completely random, every time you play will be different.


Erika: Little devil and Boco friend, is the main character of this adventure.

Boko: He have absolute power granted by the jewels of the 7 kings hell.

Baal: the butler of Boko , always at his side, also controls the army of boko.

Bicat: mysterious and strange cute cat, was in hell before satan.

Lilith: Princess of Hell and hero through multiple battles, is a fanatic of jewelry. (Special character from DevilsJewels2)


Gold:collects these coins to buy characters and more curious things in the store.

Lost Souls: Collect these green souls to open portals fever, at the time you collect a larger amount of coins.

Ruby and Sapphire: these jewels will give you an amount of money and punctuation much higher.

Magnet: attract all the gold to you,but for a small period of time.

2xscore: for a small period of time you will have double punctuation.

Bombs: use these bombs to throw to big demon, The devil hunter.


this game has a shop to buy upgrades of items, you can also buy characters with real money or play.
The game uses a system of levels much like RPGs, you can get experience by eliminating the demons that are inside the bubble, to kill it, touch it on the screen of your smartphone.
level experience gain may help to have more life and better gravity for hard occasions.

there four demons, Red Devils, the green monster, the strange yellow creature and the largest of all, the demon hunter, for the latter you need to use bombs.

This game uses a quest system, it will ask you some missions to comply and will give some gifts.

There is also a mysterious hidden treasures, like a monstrous pumpkin, lilith keychain, blue pearl etc. .. usually appear in high-level stages.


In this game you can not jump, you have to slide between platforms trying not to fall into the sea of fire, each time you move from stage, you will have a epic time to do away with many enemies, not die and kill all the enemies possible, you can get a good punctuation.

The stages will be changing from a castle to a cave, factory mysterious dark fantasy star underground , will have some nice graphics with retro pixelart style.

Launches the devilhunter pumps, using the bomb button, be your best and most powerful weapon against them. Glide between platforms horrifying as if it were a ninja and be the master of this hell.

Final info:

This game have halloween related dates wit fun playground, is a game for all audiences, for children and adults.
this game uses anime manga pictures, but no pornographic images, images for adults ,uncensored or 18+ etc..

Diabolicalmind's comments:
Hello guys, this is new game for iphone and ipad.

best regards
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I like the look of this
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Originally Posted by JCho133 View Post
I like the look of this
You sly fox.
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The perfect thread to post my 2666th comment
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Something about pink.

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