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App description: Fight and fly against your friends in this FREE fast-paced multiplayer flying dragon combat game. Choose your dragon and fight for victory in the Trials of the Roariseum.

The Dragons of Landslandia have gathered once again in The Roariseum to engage in The Trials, an annual event that makes or breaks a dragon's legacy in the Roariseum' Annals of Fame. The goal of the Trials is simple: capture the Golden Egg and score a goal with it. Doing so will give your dragon a boost in power, and a huge point bonus over his/her competitors. As soon as you grab the Golden Egg, however, every dragon in the arena is going to be coming for you to try and stop you and take it for themselves. Make sure to arm yourself with one of the many unique weapons and master clever flight maneuvers as you furiously race to the goalpost.

--- Features ---
- SIX UNIQUE DRAGONS to play as and against.
- TWELVE ARENAS ACROSS FOUR WORLDS from the Frozen Fundra to Barrenopolis to Snow Cache.
- A VARIETY OF DISTINCT WEAPONS from the deployable Parabomb to the Ice Beam to the ever-classic Fireball.
- COMPETE IN LEADERBOARDS against your friends.
- INNOVATIVE FREE-FORM MULTIPLAYER: Score with the Golden Egg or play so that your friends can't. It's up to you.
- iOS EXCLUSIVE: Playable on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Uses the latest Game Center features, matchmaking, leaderboards, motion controls, 64bit, Game Controllers, Airplay, and even the microphone for in-game voice chat!

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01-18-2014, 09:12 PM
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This is pretty fun for a free multiplayer game. It's got a lot of ads, but great graphics and fun gameplay make up for them somewhat.