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App description: DroidArcade, the frantic, sci-fi, stop-motion animated action game, that lets you nimbly maneuver your Bishop 7 droid through the ancient corridors of the Basilica; a vast retro-futuristic space station.


A power-hungry Ecclesiarchy has plunged humanity into the new Dark Ages. The last remaining Chronomancer has been taken hostage on the gargantuan Basilica space station, and if he dies, an already dark world will get a lot darker. Only a small, unarmed droid named Bishop 7 can save himand only with your help.


DroidArcade has been approached like an interactive work of art. We have hand-modeled the characters in clay and painstakingly animated them using stop-motion technology, while working on a rich, atmospheric soundtrack and lush hand-painted cut-scenes.


In each of DroidArcades levels, you must avoid patrolling enemy droids, grab the gems and keys needed to proceed, solve puzzles on the fly and all this while making sure you do not run out of time or energy.

-Stop motion animated graphics!
-Gameplay taxing both your mind and your reflexes!
-Graphics and cut-scenes by visual artist Hariton Bekiaris!
-Full soundtrack by acclaimed musician Chris Christodoulou!
-Sweeping sci-fi story!
-Universal app: works smoothly on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/KyttaroGames
Facebook: https:// www.facebook.com/DroidscapeArcade
01-17-2014, 08:28 PM
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What's with the girl's face at the bottom?

01-17-2014, 08:33 PM
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Probably to mess with your subconscious.

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01-17-2014, 09:26 PM
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Just crashes on iPad Air straight after splash
01-18-2014, 05:24 AM
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Hey Baracus, one of the devs here -- thanks for downloading the game. Sorry for the inconvenience, but crashing on the iPad Air was something I didn't expect to read. The game was tested on Air. Hmmm, could you please drop our tech support an email over at info@kyttarogames.com?


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01-18-2014, 05:31 AM
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It's also crashing on my iPhone 5

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01-18-2014, 05:41 AM
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And my ipad 4 is crashed, too.

Pine Entertainment
01-18-2014, 05:57 AM
Gave it a try:

It`s more or less a Demo Version with an iAP Part to unlock the full Game of the months abandoned Droidscape:Basilica...

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01-18-2014, 06:28 AM
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Actually, we've just discovered it only crashes when the app's notifications are off. To enable them:

Settings => Notification Center => Scroll Down to Droidarcade

=> turn the Badge App Icon switch to [ON]

The game should run properly. Failing that, please do try turning on all switches for DroidArcade.

Celebrating portable and phone gaming over at Gaming on the Go since 2006.
01-18-2014, 06:35 AM
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But there will be a fix? Because I don't want to enable the notification

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