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  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 94.2 MB
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating: 3 (2)
App description: Lead your Bots to victory in an epic quest for energy, paved with mind bending puzzles & frantic battles!
THE BOT SQUAD: Puzzle Battles is a brand new puzzle/strategy game by Ubisoft that twists and redefines classic Puzzle and Tower Defense gameplay and takes fun and challenge to a whole new level!

*Combine your Bots unique abilities to navigate trap-ridden arenas and to defend your energy against waves of voracious enemies!

*Challenge yourself with 4 different strategic puzzle modes! Collect and protect stars in battle and use them to open new areas with increasingly formidable stages. See how your friends are doing on the map and try to stay ahead in the race.

*Unlock new Bots with unique abilities and cool Power-ups that give you an edge in battle. Modify your Bots through upgrades to beat the most advanced stages.

*Learn about the on-going struggle for energy that tears apart Dynamo City as you progress through the adventure.

***ATTENTION: this application is only compatible with iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 2 and higher, and iPod touch (5th generation). We cannot guarantee a satisfying gaming experience on iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch (4th generation)***

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01-18-2014, 02:26 AM
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01-18-2014, 03:35 AM
Joined: Jun 2011
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Wow this looks AMAZING. I have to have this. What's the catch Ubisoft? Online only? Power ups to win? Damn these free games making me second guess.

Gamecenter ID: Raidriar // VainGlory: GodKing // Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Mikasa
01-18-2014, 03:48 AM
Joined: Oct 2013
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The catch seems to be an energy bar, though I haven't played too long so there could be more. It's a fairly nice puzzle/reverse Tower Defence a bit like Anomaly but it does feel freemium
01-18-2014, 04:13 AM
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Thanks for sharing.

Pine Entertainment
01-18-2014, 04:16 AM
Joined: Jun 2011
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Okay I gave it a try. Thanks Pete. I agree, the catch is the stupid energy bar. Figures...

However, I must say, 5 levels in, I do recommend it (at this point). Energy bar aside, the puzzle aspect seems fun. I haven't gotten to the tower defense battle part but it actually unique in the way that it's mixing a defending/attacking/puzzle game into one. I haven't hit the actually defending yet but the videos in game show me what's to come. I hope it's good. I'm only worried about unlocking and IAP. Some games do it worse than others.

Also I really enjoy the design A LOT. From a graphic design perspective, everything is great. Animations are wonderful, the UI is nice, the start game screen using the movement of the device, and the over world map. Everything looks beautiful. But the game itself will require more play.

Btw also take note that since it IS a puzzle game, one of the big problems is gonna be burning the energy bar really quickly. Quite clever of Ubisoft to develop a game like this to take advantage of that. I burned 8 bars in 5 minutes because of failing to understand missions. However if you are a mega puzzle genius, ignore my comment.

Gamecenter ID: Raidriar // VainGlory: GodKing // Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Mikasa
01-18-2014, 04:27 AM
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Game Impressions

01-18-2014, 05:07 AM
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Ah I want to like this game but I may end up deleting it. Looks like it takes 27 minutes or something around there per energy bar. That's ridiculously long. Like.. I used to think 10-15 minutes was long, this is the first game I've played that has it this high. Maybe it was 30 minutes? I didn't check it immediately but wow.. if you're out of energy after play 5 minutes of screwing up a puzzle... well wait 30 minutes to try again ONE more time. Jeez.

Gamecenter ID: Raidriar // VainGlory: GodKing // Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Mikasa
01-18-2014, 08:34 AM
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Look awesome, wonder when will it reach US
01-18-2014, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by _Max_ View Post
Look awesome, wonder when will it reach US
Taking the other Ubisoft Mobile Open Beta Tests as a measure my guess would be in around four or five months so during the E3 2014 in June