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iPad: Hoopla Gems: A polyomino puzzle game

01-18-2014, 11:52 AM
Hoopla Gems has finally arrived on your phones......

We are proud to present Frolicode's very first game FREE game, a Polyomino Puzzle game with a twist: Hoopla Gems.

Hoopla Gems is a unique puzzle game where the player has to match the right color with their corresponding shapes to removes as many blocks as possible. Spread over 20 levels and 60 missions, the player has to complete different tasks to progress in the game. The fun is compounded by Hoopla & Poopla, two brothers who would be continuously aiding or stopping the player in his pursuits.

You can find the game trailer here:

The uniqueness of the game lies in its core mechanic & its treatment, which makes the game a unique blend of familiarity and novelty. Though the game is easy to learn, it involves strategizing at different points regarding the choices the player has to make. Each level completed, awards the player with a higher score multiplier that allows him to score more and compete in the higher levels.

Given below are some screenshots of the game:

Key elements of the game:
• Novel game mechanics bringing together the best of polyomino shapes and match 2 puzzle mechanics.
• 60 missions of different variety spread over 20 levels to keep it fun and engaging.
• Never a dull moment. Hoopla & Poopla are always at the task of keeping it interesting.
• Constant rewards in terms of MULTIPLIERS and POWERUPS.
• A socially adept game featuring Facebook, Twitter and Gamecenter integration, allows you to compete and share with your friends.
• 21 leaderboards designed to track the performance of you and your friends.
• Special attention is given to the Intuitive User Interface designed to keep your experience smooth.
• In-Game store allows you to purchase stuff while still playing the game in a seamless manner.

You can download the game for FREE at the given link

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01-18-2014, 12:08 PM
A few screenshots of the game:
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01-23-2014, 12:10 AM
What kind of Ads are you ok with in the game?

Hello friends, we had a little confusion so thought about asking you all to help us out. Being a completely free game, we are planning to introduce ads in Hoopla Gems.

We have mainly two kind of ads to display, Banner Ads which come at the bottom of the screen during gameplay or Full page ads which would only come when the game ends or at the start of the game.

I am of the opinion that the game should have only Full Page ads and not Banner ads so that nothing is coming in between the gameplay. On the other hand, my friend is of the opinion to introduce Banner ads as well.
What do you guys suggest we should do? Should we go with Full Page Interstitials or only Banner ads? What is the ideal place to place these ads in the game? Any kind of suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks
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01-23-2014, 05:36 AM
The game looks nice, but you should post a gameplay video so we understand the mechanics better.
As for ads, personally I'd prefer full page ads after each round or whatever.
Banned ads are a huge turn off for a lot of people...

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01-28-2014, 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by Snozberry View Post
The game looks nice, but you should post a gameplay video so we understand the mechanics better.
As for ads, personally I'd prefer full page ads after each round or whatever.
Banned ads are a huge turn off for a lot of people...
Thanks a lot Snozberry for sharing your views. I am in the process of making a gameplay trailer which would show all the important features of the game....is taking some time but should be ready shortly

I am also of the opinion of implementing Full Page ads as banner ads are sometimes a turn off as they interfere in the gameplay.
01-28-2014, 06:02 AM
Introduction of different characters: Hoopla & Poopla in the game

Hoopla Gems would be featuring two unique brothers. Mr. Hoopla & Mr. Poopla. Born as twin brothers, they have very different personalities. Hoopla is there to help you in the game, make it easier for you whereas the arrival of Poopla would generally mean signal of doomsday.

We decided to introduce these two characters in the game as it would bring a unique twist to a puzzle game where the dynamics of the game can change for better or worse at any turn.

What do you think about these two characters? Do you like them, love them or simply hate them Do you think these kind of characters would work in a puzzle game? Please let us know your views as they (both the characters & your views) are extremely valuable to us
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02-02-2014, 07:14 AM
Question about leaderboards….any suggestions is welcome

We have implemented leaderboards in H but it requires the player to get out of the game and then log into their leaderboard accounts. This would take him away from the game, which is not the ideal scenario. So the question: Is there any way around this? How do you guy implement leaderboard in your games? Is there any third party service that you can recommend? Any kind of suggestion or recommendation is welcome. Thanks
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02-06-2014, 07:19 AM
How to tackle device fragmentation?

We are developing Hoopla Gems for both iOS and Android but the device fragmentation has been a problem for us. I guess it is something we are game developers have to deal with. Apple for the first time launch 2 phones last year with reports coming in that they are planning to launch more variants. Android is already hugely fragmented and with games being released on multiple platforms simultaneously, how do you guys deal with the increasing fragmentation?

For ex: which screen size do you develop art for first? Which OS do you target first? Is there any best practice that you follow for porting to multiple devices?
02-20-2014, 06:27 AM
The Powers to be....

There would have a number of powers that the player can use to make his life easier. These powers can be earned from inside the game and can change the complexion of the game in a single turn. Getting them would not only depend on the skill of the player but also on the stroke of luck. I am giving below a brief description of these powers along with their icons. Please let us know you’re your views. Any & all kind of comments are welcome

Bonanza: Allows the player to earn double the score for a limited period of time.

Antigravity: Freezes the game for a single turn. Your best ally while staring at death.

Reshuffle: Reshuffle the cards dealt by fate to you. Changes the set of choices presented to the player.

Masterstroke: Befitting the name, play the master stroke to clear out huge number of shapes in a single move.