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App description: THEM is a ruthless, terrifying organization. But youre not scared of them....are you? Take on the role of Albert, an ex-intelligence officer, and former operative inside THEM. Albert may be old, but that doesnt mean he cant kick butt! THEM has discovered that Albert used to be selling state secrets, and now they want him taken out. Its your job to not let that happen! So dont! How will you achieve this you ask? By using weapons of course!

Unlock numerous weapons and power-ups in order to unleash punishment on those attacking you! Fight back to stay alive! Can you last all 99 levels?!? Or will you be overcome with the chaos of battle?!?

Play for a minute, a half hour, or an hour! Endless fun means you can play as short, or as long as you want! Level randomization means that you will never see the same level twice!

The stunning black and white visuals of THEM allow the characters to pop off the screen. Allowing you to better know whats going on and to stay alert at all times. Blood is a bright red (Of course!), so youll know when you are taking damage and also when YOU are dishing out damage to your enemies! Warning: Things can get messy!

Full integration of Game Center means that you will always have something to do! Unlock achievements to show off to your friends. Conquer the leader boards and prove to the world youre the best! Can you outlast all your opponents?!? Play, play and play again to show off your skill and destructive power! Full Twitter and Facebook integration means you can show off your high scores and gruelling body count to your friends!

Updates, updates, UPDATES!!! Did you really think that once you clicked purchase that that was the final game?!? This is only the beginning! With a wave of future updates you can look forward to: More enemy types, helicopters, vehicles, SWAT officers, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, lasers, new power-ups, character selection, new graphics, story mode, Halloween themed graphics, Christmas themed graphics, and much, MUCH more!

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