iCade 4-way stick mod

01-21-2014, 11:26 AM
iCade 4-way stick mod

All -

I've been working on a new guide to put in place of the old clear plastic one for the iCade. I have made two prototypes, and they work perfectly. I have attached a picture of one... I added red to it to make it look fancy, but they're not as pretty on the back side (using a mold only on one side as that's all that's necessary), and I have to tweak them to get them to perfection after the mold.

Installing is easy as long as you have the right tamper resistant torx screwdriver, a phillips head, and a flat blade screwdriver. No rewiring or anything: snap the old guide off, snap the new one on.

I'm running out of plastic: I only have enough for one or two more. But if there's a lot of interest, I can order more plastic and start making them for people.

Due to materials and time, I would sell them for $12 a piece, shipped. I think I'll only be able to make one or two a day.

Is there interest in this? Should I buy more plastic?

Also I'm considering an 8-way template, if there's interest in that.


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