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App description: "Highly characteristic and incredibly entertaining, Grandpa and the Zombies offers a host of enjoyable levels that will delight players of all ages." (148 Apps)

Grandpa Willys brain might not be the freshest anymore, but hes not ready to surrender it to the zombies anytime soon! If only the brakes would function on his wheelchair Brace yourself for crazy puzzle fun and help Willy to safely navigate through the zombie apocalypse.


Just after waking up in a hospital, Grandpa Willy quickly realizes that theres something fishy going on and that the world has changed. Theres no time to ask questions though since the zombies are already pounding on the door.

Grandpa and the Zombies is a fast-paced trip through 120 levels and three different worlds, which shows that you can also survive a zombie invasion in a wheelchair. The levels are filled to the brim with the craziest undead that make Grandpa Willys escape that much harder including stinky Halitosis Jack or the Forklift of Evil. Some of the undead can even be really helpful if you know how to interact with them.


A cool head, logic and vision are called for in order to reach the saving elevator move-by-move in every level while collecting as many candies as possible. Grandpa Willy is not in the mood for zombies but he loves candy more than anything and is willing to make a detour for this.

Steer Grandpa Willys wheelchair through the various levels. Grandpa Willy will roll only as far as he can until reaching an obstacle. And this better not be a zombie! Use obstacles, light declines and hazards cleverly and disorient the zombies. This is how you reach the saving elevator.


# Satisfying gameplay thanks to three different worlds and a total of 120 levels
# Horrible zombies flee from Halitosis Jack, Bevil and Revil or the Forklift of Death!
# A new challenge in every level
# The apocalypse has never been this funny: ingenious comic-style for adults and children
# The zombie apocalypse! Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter

PeteOzzy's comments:

01-23-2014, 01:34 PM
Looks pretty good. Might give it a whirl. Thanks for finding it. Must say that I look forward to what you find more than any other! Thanks!!

01-23-2014, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by New England Gamer View Post
Looks pretty good. Might give it a whirl. Thanks for finding it. Must say that I look forward to what you find more than any other! Thanks!!
With the amount I post, I'm bound to get the occasional good game! This one was featured by Apple this week so I can't take the credit unfortunately but cheers
01-23-2014, 05:04 PM
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This definitely looks like it has potential, we need a video from sanuku!
01-23-2014, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by New England Gamer View Post
Looks pretty good. Might give it a whirl. Thanks for finding it. Must say that I look forward to what you find more than any other! Thanks!!
I agree, great finds.
01-23-2014, 05:37 PM
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01-29-2014, 04:05 PM
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Bought this game soon after it was originally released. Was attracted to the game mechanics and puzzle modes. Did not try the game until now.

Sadly, after a few levels, I am disappointed by how poorly implemented the otherwise clever mechanics are in this game.

Here are the problems:

1. Swipes don't consistently register. Since the game's score is partly dependent on the time it takes to finish level, it is essential that swipes are correctly and timely registered. They are not. Even if the player waits until both the grandpa and the monsters are all stationary, the swipes will just randomly fail. Queuing swipes is also not supported.

2. Painfully slow character animation. I understand that the player plays the grandpa on a wheelchair, but the character movements are so slow as to be entirely counterproductive. For a game with mechanics that require lots of trial and error to find the correct sequences of moves, this discourages experimentation and makes the game painful to play.

3. The early levels are already quite hard if you want to score perfect bonus in the "move" category. Yet, the game makes it extremely difficult to know exactly how many moves the player needs to solve the level. Since the number of moves likely differ between levels, the player needs to replay the level at least twice just to get a sense how close the "move" score is close to 500 (which is the perfect score). The player then has been to use this info to "estimate" the number of moves wanted by the game. Instead, the game should just put a move counter and identify explicitly the "perfect" move number for each level. This is not done at all.

4. Greedy IAP. It is obvious that the developer has put in a lot of effort in creating a robust hint system for every level. Yet, instead of making an IAP to unlock the entire system for unlimited use, the IAP is a consumable that give you a limited number of hints. If the developer wants to discourage the player from abusing the hint system, the developer can simply flag a level with an icon showing that the level was completed using hints.

5. The time bonus makes no sense for this type of game. It is a puzzle game. Once the solution is found, one can just repeat the level quickly to perfect the time bonus (notwithstanding the horrendous lag I described above).

6. Why is there no undo button? Aside from the swipe issue I described above, it punishes the player unnecessarily, having the need to replay the level from the start each time the player wants to try out a different strategy.

There are a lot of cleverness in the first dozen levels I tried, but the implementation lacks foresight and makes the game a chore to play.

Think Quell on molasses.

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