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App description: Save the hamsters! Play as Raye or Alex and catch your way to victory! Team up with your furry friends to go toe-to-toe with Bo the Destroyer!

Works for both iPhone and iPad!

For Hyper HD graphics check out Hamster Drop HD! Perfect for high resolution devices, especially with retina displays.

Over 40 levels of hamster catching madness!
Colorful hand-drawn graphics!
Tour the world in Adventure Mode!
Put your shuffling skills to the test in Challenge Mode!
Unlock & upgrade crazy power-ups!
Outrageous hazards: bombs, slime, kangaroos, and more!
Get pet buddies and extra outfits!

Fun for all. Enjoy it casually, or switch up the difficulty for a retro arcade experience!

Don't get dropped!
01-30-2014, 04:21 PM
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Game Impressions

01-30-2014, 04:46 PM
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A game with hamsters!!! Hiiii!

Does it have IAPs? Does it play well on older generations devices?
01-30-2014, 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by miroa View Post
A game with hamsters!!! Hiiii!

Does it have IAPs? Does it play well on older generations devices?
Programmer for the game here, I only have an iPad 1 and an iPod 3 with iOS5 so thats what I did all my testing with. iPad 1 can only run the game in low resolution graphics mode, so don't get the HD version if thats what you have. If you have anything newer than that it'll run great.

We do have IAPs, you can upgrade to the HD version or purchase extra hamster tokens for real money. Hamster tokens are used to purchase and upgrade powerups.
01-30-2014, 05:37 PM
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I have an iphone 4, so I am careful with what I am buying :-)

Did the HD version work on your ipod3?
01-30-2014, 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by miroa View Post
I have an iphone 4, so I am careful with what I am buying :-)

Did the HD version work on your ipod3?
The HD version works but the iPod3 just show the standard graphics because it doesn't have a retina display. iPhone 4 has a retina display and would look sharper with the HD version.
02-08-2014, 05:21 AM
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Hello :-)

Thanks to the promo code, I was able to test your game. Here is my review.

First, it is really cute and full of humour. The app runs smoothly, which is great.

But, there is a problem that makes me want to delete the app from my phone (despite my loving it).

The difficulty. In Onion Square, the first level was easy. However, after it becomes challenging. I don't see it was impossible to complete, but I found it more difficult that it should be that difficult at that point.
The challenges are even tougher.
You should recalibrate that.

Other things to add:
- iCloud is a must. I don't see any options to sync my data.
- Game Center. This game is the high score catgory.
- You should add an endless mode.
- The price. To me, your game is quite expensive considering the IAPs in it. I don't have to buy them, but it is being greedy in my opinion. 2 bucks for the low resolution version and 4 for the HD one... That's too much for the quality of the game. The low resolution should be free and the HD one 2$. That is more reasonable.
EDIT:- the hamsters that you can have with you should have a power. I find it awesome to have a hamster following me during each level, but cuteness is not all. They should be helpful too. Maybe the others ones will have a power. I have only unlocked two so far.

Hope this helps.

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02-09-2014, 10:27 AM
Thank you for trying the game out and giving feedback.

Each level, adventure and challenge, was carefully designed and heavily tested to make sure that it was able to be perfected, even without the use of power-ups. Remember to also check out the Gidgets and upgrade your power-ups. They can turn the tides greatly.

Weve been thinking about posting some sort of guides, or helpful tips for playing the game in the near future. People may find it helpful.

Regarding the pets and abilities; Pets do not currently have any special abilities. We are considering adding another slot to equip a second Gidget. When designing the Pet system, they were kept neutral from abilities so you didnt have to choose between the pet you wanted to see and the ability you wanted to have.

As for things like GameCenter and iCloud, we chose not to tie the game to those services directly. The reason is because we are creating our own services for this game. We want all platforms of the game to share the same High Score rankings and account backup system. This feature is taking some time to complete though and it will be included in a future update.

Speaking of future updates You guessed one already. Endless Mode is currently being worked on. New Challenge Stages, Online Leaderboards, Account Backup, and Endless Mode will all be free updates coming soon. We will have more details about these as things develop.

We have a lot of future plans, and hope the game does well so we can continue to support the game with additional features in the future.