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Good board or card games?

01-30-2014, 10:55 PM
Joined: Jan 2014
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Good board or card games?

I have risk, monopoly, ascension: COTGS, elder signs: omens, and lords of waterdeep. I've heard cascassone is good, but that's all I know. Any suggestions? Oh and I have a iphone 5C so it can't be iPad only. Thanks in advance guys
01-31-2014, 06:01 PM
Joined: May 2011
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Not having a go, but I would suggest clicking on search and searching this general forum section for words like "card game". There's now so many (which is great! And I never want them to stop!), that it actually takes a bit of brain power to rattle them all off. Just type "playdek" into the search field in the App Store and you'll see maybe 7 games or so straight away.

Shadow era
Ticket to ride
Kard combat
Neuroshima hex
Combat monsters

Plus heaps more. Plus heaps more traditional card games if that's what your after. Plus heaps more board games.

01-31-2014, 06:32 PM
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Neuroshima Hex
Summoner Wars
Magic 2014
Small World 2

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01-31-2014, 06:34 PM
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Had a lot of fun with Lords of Waterdeep
02-01-2014, 01:36 AM
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Neuroshima Hex and the puzzle one as well once you learn the game well enough
La Havre
Summoner Wars
Warhammer Quest
Dominant Species
Forbidden Isle
Alien Frontiers
Ghost Stories
Empire: the deck building strategy game
Chainsaw Warrior
Ticket to Ride
Stone Age
San Juan
Puerto Rico
Brief history of the world

Those are some of the board and card games I keep on my iPad at all time...

Edit: crap... Just retread and saw you said no iPad only games... Well some of those aren't...
02-01-2014, 10:51 AM
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Give Mijnlieff a try - I got hooked and love it :-)
02-01-2014, 11:18 AM
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I love board games, but I am in your position and sadly we are out of luck most of the time without an ipad (Played Small World on a friend's for a while once and it almost convinced me to buy my own ipad). I HIGHLY recommend carcassonne. It is the single best made iPhone board game IMO. It takes a little getting use to but there is a lot of depth to the strategy. Others:

Ticket to ride
Tigris and Euphrates
Le Havre
Settlers of catan (much prefer the actual board game though)
Rivals for catan (haven't tried myself)
Shadow Era (Awesome and very affordable card game, highly recommend)
Neuroshima hex
02-01-2014, 02:19 PM
If have to go with the classic game of Go (SmartGo is a good iOS app). I love this board game. It is simple enough to explain the rules to a 4 year old in minutes and yet much more complex than e.g. chess. For me it is one of the most fantastic games. I love the fact that is has been around for hundreds of years and maintained the simplicity and complexity at the same time.

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08-03-2014, 08:01 PM
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I agree with Go, the greatest game ever made. SmartGo is good for replaying pro games but for actual gameplay I would recommend Panda-Tetsuki, an active and accessible online go sever client, and Igowin Pro for a decent AI opponent.
08-06-2014, 11:43 AM
Well, I'll second and third: Talisman, Warhammer Quest, Elder Sign, Eclipse and Waterdeep... as all are simply excellent especially for solo play.