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App description: PieRats is a reimagination of the classic game called Dots and Boxes.

Instead of drawing boxes you remove bones from treasure maps to collect the bounty.

This is a both a singleplayer and a multiplayer game that can be played in three ways:

- Offline against the AI (three difficulty levels)
- Offline against a friend on the same screen
- Online with your friends or a random player on multiple devices

This is what you get:

- Easy to learn gameplay
- A game that is challenging to master
- Gameplay that will expand your strategic abilities
- Fun pirate cartoon theme artwork
- Fun competition with friends and family
- Online and offline mode
- Many different types of maps

In-app purchase:

Premium Maps Package with 4 larger maps and more free maps to come in future updates!

Rules of the game:

The two players take turn to remove one bone on the map, at a time. The bones cover the sides of the pies, rubies and skulls.
When a player removes the last bone touching one of these objects he or she collects it and achieve points.
When a player achieves points he or she gets another turn, to take a bone.


The skull is a very bad thing. Besides taking points from you it will take your turn as well. So when you collect a skull your turn will pass to the opponent.

If you want a closer look, you can zoom in on the map.

If it is possible, never leave a pie with one bone left, for your opponent to take.

By removing a bone, try to create a domino effect for your opponent, that leads to the skull.

If you want to withdraw from an offline game without saving, press the cross in the top right corner.

Online games are deleted after 24 hours where none of the players has made a move.

Treasure value:

Yellow Pie = 1 point
Brown Pie = 2 points
Red Pie = 3 points
Blue Pie = 4 points
Ruby = 5 points
Skull = -5 points