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App description: Robert the Robot is an R#261 Bot born on the harshest planet in the Solar System, Planet R, in Techlabs. Planet R is infested with many dangerous creatures, and its people have only survived by creating closed cities protected by towering walls. For the last 10 centuries Robert along with many other Robots and Humans have lived in peace under the protection of the High Walls, until the day an extraterrestrial race called the Carabain, invaded Planet R to gather its resources for itself. For a normal robot, an alien invasion would not be a big problem, since they have no feelings, but Robert, unlike other robots, was born with a "defect": the ability to feel emotions.

Robert fell in love with model S#360 on the assembly line and now the invaders have captured Robert's crush, and the people of Planet R, forcing them into hard labor. Robert, in an attempt to save the people of Planet R, namely S#360, has created a rebellion in an attempt to take Planet R back from the Carabain. But before Robert can lead the rebellion, he will need to venture into the perilous wilds of Planet R, gathering Golden Bolts that will help him upgrade his abilities so that he can lead his army of rebels into war.

Go through tons of missions and uncover the fate of Robert and his band of rebels, who have taken up the cause. Episodical Updates Coming Soon!!!!

Take control of Robert as he recruits a team of rebels, discovers new locations, unlocks powerful power ups, and upgrades himself and his band of rebels.

With the tap of a finger, control Robert or his rebels through the challenging adventure that lies ahead.

Compete with friends and become the King of the Leaderboards throughout multiple Leaderboards and Achievements.

Evileggplant Studios's comments:
Hey there,

We would just like announce the recent release of our new iOS game on the iOS Appstore (for mobile devices). It's our first title to help gather funds for the Saint Jude's Children's Cancer Center. You can find 'Robert the Robot' in the Appstore for free (though it's free only for a few days). Here is a bit of info & screenshots of the game:


02-04-2014, 12:06 AM
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Do not download this game, the art style might look cool but the game is basically the shitest version of jetpack joyride. Don't download, ver very bad game