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Two game ideas..

02-03-2014, 12:50 PM
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Two game ideas..

I have two game ideas that I think would be awesome on iOS. The first is called "Super Bowl Blowout" (or use "Big Game Blowout" if the previous name would infringe on copyright.) It would be kind of a "meta" football game where, instead of actually playing the game, you control things like returning punts for a touchdown, getting a safety in the first snap of the game, making interceptions, and things like that. You know you are going to win, but you get points for HOW BADLY you humiliate the other team. The other team gets scored on how many Dignity Points they have left at the end of the game, if any.

My second idea is kind of like your garden variety 3d runner, but I would love to see one influenced by the Matrix series of movies. Jumping over buildings, running up and across walls, dodging bullets in "bullet time", and pulling off badass kung fu. That would be quite a game.