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App description: "DemonSaga" is the popular MMORPG game with its unique Ink Boutique art style which is currently very popular in the art field. DemonSaga depicts the fight of Demon of the gods of war and the fairies who are empowered by the power of goodness and meditation.

[ Features ]

Free to download and free to play
Daily Bonus system, log in and get free cash point and gold everyday (DB)
Mine system for you to search for gems to upgrade your equipment
Embark on the adventure of the avengers and get a chance to win gold, special mount and reputation points for creating a guild
Special Skill for high-damage attack
Fight in arena with 9-15 players to seize the treasure and that no.1 spot
Challenge others to PK to climb up the ranking in DemonSaga and get seasonal gifts
Upgrade all wearable equipment to increase attack and defense attributes
Use herb to increase the maximum limit of the stats
Pet (Fairy) to help you fight and even rescue you in battles and wars

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02-04-2014, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by majiktrip View Post
I'm disappointed now.. Tried to play it but it's in another language.. Even though it was in another language I tried to do some quests and it feels very slick/comfy. Reminds me of ArmedHeroes.. It's a shame it's not in English though...
many non-english games are like that. the game's description is in english while the game is not in english