App description: ** Thanks to all our new German fans for helping us reach the 1# game on the App Store!!!!! **

Polyphonic is an app for creating your own music. Each square represents a different sound and each color represents a unique group of sounds.

Thanks everyone for your help in spreading the word. This scrappy little project has been downloaded in 60 countries and hit the Top 10 in the App Store! If you do enjoy it, please rate the app, share it with your friends, or come find us on Facebook!

Hear what other people are saying about Polyphonic:

I love this app! It is so easy to use but so amazing and awesome I can't stop playing with it! - Kira-ness

I never imagined that when I bought this, it would be full of post-rock samples. I absolutely love this. It's beautiful. - ctaxxxx

Beautifully simple interface and concept, but you can create your own complex layers of music very intuitively without having any musical ability. The possibilities are endless. Super fun. - Jeslinger

Amazing app! lots of fun and very creative! I loved the various sounds and rhythms! Awesome! - Spokanejan

* More is coming, we'll release it just as soon as it's done right (instead of releasing things before they are fully refined). You'll just have to trust us that we have a plan! ;) *

Developed by Cody Fletcher, Audio by TJ Hill, Published by Flip Studios.
02-07-2014, 01:04 AM
The reviews for this app are crazy overrated. This is how the description should read. "Isolate tracks in two 16 measure demo songs!"