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App description: Exciting Only!!
A Tetris-like puzzle shooter.

Rocket Cube is a dropping-down type puzzle game with Shooter feature. Cubes are dropping from above and players have to launch 2 or more cubes of same colors that are next to each other into the air before cubes fill up to the top of the screen.

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This game only support iOS7 or higher.

HarryBo's comments:

Speak of games that with time limitation, maybe lots of you might think of Half-Minute Hero (ハーフミニットヒーロー/勇者30). Players have to conquer various kinds of stages in just 30 seconds. Its release in 2009 had become a boom that so many players are addicted to its unique concept design. Half-minute Here only takes players 30 seconds to clear the stage while other RPGs commonly cost players tens or hundreds of hours (However, Half-Minute Hero still costs you lots of time to totally play through). In my opinion, its mechanism of time limitation is a perfectly match with game apps.

(Screenshot of Half-Minute Hero)

And dont forget, game apps themselves have a concept of entertaining in time fragments. When you are waiting for a bus or a train, or standing downstairs waiting for your girlfriend dressed up, you may not have more than 10 minutes for play. And your gaming experience might probably interrupted by your girlfriend asking you to zip the back zipper for her or the bus/train arrives. Thats why stage design tends to shorten the play time to ensure players having a uninterrupted gaming experience.

Today Id like to introduce to you a puzzle shooter which takes you only 1 minute to play, Rocket Cube. It is developed by an indie developer come from Taiwan called Keitai. Players have to eliminate at least 2 connected cubes of the same color to launch. The game has 3 modes: Infinity Mode, 1 Minute Mode, and Cube War. And the latter 2 game modes cost you only 60 seconds to play.

The game is not just simply eliminating cubes. It is very important to make players experience the exciting elements of the game in 1 minute. At least the game cannot be too easy, or it is only a 1 minute waste to players. The best situation is to make players feel tension, excited in the last 10 seconds.

In Rocket Cube, when players tap on cubes of the same color, cubes will become grey cubic rocket and launch. The more cubes of same color, the more powerful it is when it launches. If the launching dynamic is not enough, cubic rocket will fall down and become untouchable for a 3 seconds as a launch failure penalty. Here is a small tip: Launch another rocket right beneath the falling one to perform a combo launch, you will see the rocket flies all the way up and destroy all obstacle cubes in its path!

1 minute is an awkward length. Its not very short, but not long enough either. The key point of stage design with time limitation like this is to emphasize SPEED. Take a look at the GIF above you can realize that the compact, thrilling game experience perfectly explains the main concept of Rocket Cube, speedy and excitingly brief game experience.


You might think it is not so difficult in 1 minute mode. Actually it is pretty easy, however, it is another story if you dare tap the button on the bottom right corner of the screen. It is like another world. Its high-speed pace will definitely a game for players confident in their skills.

The dev team also put some special items to make Rocket Cube more fun. Special cubes will drop down when players eliminate every 200 cubes; while in 1 Minute Mode and Cube War, special cubes wont show up unless you purchase them before the game starts. There is an in-game-currency called Cube, you can earn Cubes by playing all game modes.


Here is the screenshot of special cubes purchasing. There are 5 kinds of special cubes. Each of them has different function:
Explosion Cube: Blows out cubes around it.
Launch Cube: Launch all cubes on the same surface.
Trigger Cube: Launch all cubes of the same color.
Duplication Cube: All cubes will be in same color.
Mega Launcher: Tap any cube to launch in 5 seconds.
I have mastered the use of items, I have mastered the game, what next? This would be a common trouble that lots of game developers will engage. It is very often by adding more cards or monsters, or adding much more stages or collecting elements to increase its replay-ability or addiction.

What Rocket Cube does is different: Fight for yourself is one thing, but to fight for your country is another. Players can choose a country to fight for in Cube War. Players score are now an important part of the country in its global leader board. It is quite different feeling to play it when you realize that Now I am not play for myself but for my country.


Rocket Cube is a great characteristic game, a puzzle game with shooter elements. And requires players strategy and skill. It would be your perfect companion if you love shooter games and with lots time fragments in your daily life. Try it and I think youre going to love it!

By the way, did I mention that Rocket Cube is a free to play game? Rocket Cube is F2P with several in-app-purchasing items, to buy those items or not totally depend on your free will, not buying them wont interrupt your gaming experience. And the best of all, there is totally banner-free in the game!! It is awesome!!

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Wait... Meteos?

I have been looking for a Meteos game on iOS, but not freemium. How's the pay model? Anybody tried this yet?

EDIT: Meh... 30 second gameplay and get the highest score doesnt sound too inviting. And it seems this doesnt follow the usual swap-to-match mechanic. Somebody needs to clone Meteos.

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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
Wait... Meteos?

I have been looking for a Meteos game on iOS, but not freemium. How's the pay model? Anybody tried this yet?

EDIT: Meh... 30 second gameplay and get the highest score doesnt sound too inviting. And it seems this doesnt follow the usual swap-to-match mechanic. Somebody needs to clone Meteos.
Have heard many people say it is meteos-like, but actually it's not. The IAP are in game currency and special items used for 1 min mode and Cube War mode.

Gaming experience won't be interrupted if you don't buy anything. You can earn credits by playing the game.

Also, there's NO ADS BANNERS AT ALL!!! Amazing!! Oh, its play time is 60 seconds in 1 Min. Mode and Cube War. Infinity Mode has no time limitations.