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App description: The master needs your help to protect his mansion ! Lay down devastating traps to knockdown unwelcome guests. Push our guests around make them burn, fly, drown and more ! Your goal is to stop them from disturbing the master at all costs.

Welcome to the Mansion. The old butler will be retiring soon. The Master selected you as his successor. Your task as the butler is to let nobody disturb the Master ! At first you will be in charge of the basement.

Depending on which guest comes through the door your goal won't be the same. Prevent the guest from opening the red door, avoid getting the master books stolen and more.
You need to knock down guests before they reach their goal. To do so you can lay traps on the ground walls and ceiling. Think carefully because your funds are limited and the part of the basement you are in always changes.
Get the highest score possible by making trap combinations and knocking down guests to advance to the next level.

Features :
o Traps, lots of traps !
o Unique guests with different goals and abilities.
o Puzzle oriented level design.
o Ragdoll Physics.
o Even more traps.
o Powers like explosion touch and trap refresh.
o English, French and Spanish fully supported.
o 3D environment.
o Trap combos.
o Free !

Gameplay :
o Place traps on the ground, walls and ceiling using your allocated gold.
o Open the door to welcome our guest.
o Watch him get pushed around and knocked down.
o Use powerups to change the course of the game.
o Get the highest score by doing multiple traps combo.

Tips :
o Laying a spike trap right under a wall spring trap can have devastating effects.
o You can make higher scores by combining traps.
o Get the squisher score combo by using two wall spring traps on our guest.
o Use the traps left by the senior valet at your advantage.
o The faster an object hits our guest, the more damage it does.
o Visit every level carefully to find the best strategy.
o Crates, pallets, tables and other clutter adds to your score when hitting our guests but does no significant damage.
o Water traps can move barrels very far.
o Try different layouts to get the best score.