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App description: Incursion: An aggressive entrance into foreign territory; a raid or invasion. For years a plague has been spreading through your land, wiping entire cities out within days; changing people into strange, infected, bloodthirsty squares. The plague has spread across the entire land and now it has reached the centre, where the castle stands hiding the mighty king inside. It is your duty to defend this king, how long can you last against THE INCURSION.

The Incursion is an addicting arcade game where you take on endless amounts of bloodthirsty squares by tapping them. There is a lot to do such as scoring awesome kill streaks, getting higher on the gamecenter leader board and within reaching a score of 50,000 where the boss of all bosses arrives. It is rumoured he takes more than 99 taps to defeat.
02-12-2014, 02:33 PM
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Downloading this now
Can't wait to try it