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suggestions for older gamers?

02-14-2014, 04:53 PM
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suggestions for older gamers?

My wife and I recently bought my mother in law an ipad. She's german/in germany. I loaded it up with sudoku, candy crush, angry birds and a couple board games... those germans love their board games!

i could use some recommendations. especially games that do not rely on in app purchases. a single purchase fee game is ideal. this has proven to be a frustration for her with candy crush as she loves the game but isn't about to shell out money to progress. Also, games that have a trial or free version to see if she digs it would be a plus. Her parents don't have a credit card so we had to buy her a itunes gift card. She doesn't get out much so I'd hate to waste the credits I loaded her ipad up with on testing out games.

puzzle games, games without the stress of a timer, and great replay value would all be happily welcomed.
We're also trying to turn her on to Big Fish games which she's slowly getting the hang of.

Toucharcade, come to my rescue! These types of games are not my taste so my knowledge is limited. Thank you in advance!!!
02-14-2014, 05:23 PM
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How much older? And how much gaming experience? Actually the age doesn't really matter on this part, IMO. My 64 year old mother is a big gamer herself, loves her RPG and actions games, plays her Call of Duty Ghosts online daily for several hours after work, so to me the age aspect doesn't hold as much as the gamers experience.

If she is a new gamer, these are some of the games I'd recommend to her:
Tiny Thief
The Big Fish games
Obviously some Sudoku
You have the right idea with board and card games, both the traditional (Chess, Backgammon, Yatzee, etc) and some euro board games (Caylus, Catan, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Timeline, some of the Reiner Knizia games, etc)
Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Icebreakers, etc.
Time Geeks
Word games (there's tons of them all with different twists, so you could get several and they could all play differently enough)

Also find out what books she likes and load those up as well
Medication reminder apps wouldn't be out of the question either

My biggest question though is if she speaks and reads English or not as this would be a limiting factor to further contributing to this thread. Hopefully you bought things on a separate German account if that is the case...

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02-14-2014, 05:24 PM
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While I am German myself, I am not very much into "our" boardgames.
Anyways, there are quite a few of Reiner Knizia's (reputed German boardgame developer) games in the Appstore.
And I think there was another guy, but that's only a vague memory; so no hint on the name, sorry.
If you know what kind/style of boardgame she likes, they have their own category in the Appstore.
02-14-2014, 05:58 PM
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she is in her 60s and completely technologically illiterate. call of duty will never be part of her vocabulary. still trying to explain email. with that said, she's eager to learn and has been playing with the ipad every night since we gave it to her. as I mentioned, she's hooked on candy crush and sudoku. tonights lesson was google earth and it was like watching a little kid see a magic show for the first time.

games that require more than a few mechanics to consider or execute at once are tough. ticket to ride is one of the games i already put on there which she digs.

Card games was a great suggestion! I added Solitaire and I am going to browse some more.

She speaks a tiny bit of english. I added Duolingo and a good dictionary for her. But to answer your question, games with german versions are best.
02-14-2014, 10:07 PM
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Fruit Ninja... Teach her to navigate to the Zen Mode.

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02-14-2014, 10:58 PM
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Try Catan, or the Hawaiian version (I forget the name)
02-14-2014, 10:59 PM
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Cut the Rope maybe?
02-15-2014, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by SonixManix View Post
Cut the Rope maybe?
I have to agree... Cut the Rope, Where's My Water, Sprinkle, Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Fish Out of Water, I wouldn't be too afraid of showing her some games with a bit of reflex involved and these are great gateway games.
02-15-2014, 12:31 PM
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CoD WaW Zombies. I bet your mother in law will love to kill some nazi zombies!
02-15-2014, 04:16 PM
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I like Angry Birds Space the best.