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«Balanz» is the multiplayer game that you play with only one phone and up to ten competing players.
As you pass the phone around, you and your friends are building a virtual tower that becomes shakier with every block set on top of it.
Keep the phone horizontally leveled and pass it to the next player. But dont move to fast, or the the tower might collapse; dont move to slow either, or the time limit might get you.

Its all about maintaining balance.

Try out the different play modes:


Choose a dare for the loser of the game.
Adjust the balance sensitivity.
Change the hand-over time.
Define how many boxes are added per round.
Pass the device around and find out who will have to face the challenge.

This is how it works:
Choose a play mode and prepare yourself.
Keep the device carefully leveled.
The first player starts building the tower by holding down the button.
Hand the device over to the next player and look out not to disturb the towers fragile balance.
The next player takes over the phone, holding it by the button on the opposite side of the tower.
Continue until the tower collapses.
02-17-2014, 08:39 PM
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This looks like a very cool concept.
Downloading now.