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App description: Tree Warrior is a classic Tower Defense game with the Player experiencing increasing levels of difficulty to defend the Tree of Life from a host of attackers.

The Player moves conjoined Twins (Kev and Jules) around the board to activate Heros and Pets to defeat the Villains attacking the Tree of Life, which if undefended, begins to lose leaves, branches and eventfully dies. A series of hearts pulsate as bright red, pink, gray then black, with the tree weakening. The Player wins Carbon Credits when defeating Villains, which are lost if Villains win.

At the end of Version #1 the Player Wins a Free Tree and is directed to the website of PlantAsian Holdings Pte for details. Carbon Credits won in the game can be used by the Player to assist in growing a real tree, which PlantAsian is organizing to assist the typhoon Yolanda, devastated parts of the Philippines.