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App description: Imagine a game, where every time you play it can be a totally new experience.
A unique, dynamic and lush RPG in which everything in the world is Random; the enemies, the loot you find, the world itself, and even the ending!
Walk around the world freely, but dont get spotted by the enemies roaming around, youll have to face them in turns, and hope their buddies dont join in on the fight.
This is Random Chance!

** STORY **
Take quest in an epic environment thats ever changing!
Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Giant Wizard, and its your duty as a hero to find her back before its too late.
But watch out, the Wizard has a giant army of henchman that are all standing between you and happiness

Knight, Wizard or Barbarian? Your choice! You can even let faith decide and pick one randomly.
Each hero has its own unique strengths and abilities which you can endlessly explore.
Every person in the world has a different strength, each adventure can play out completely different; Hard or Easy, each quest turns out different.

** COMBAT **
Random Chance features a unique mix of turn-based and real-time combat, where you have a limited amount of time to deal as much damage to anyone who tries to stop you from rescuing your girlfriend! Along the way, youll gather a huge variety of items to help you on your quest.
Make sure to visit the Merchant from time to time. Who knows what great gear he puts up for sale each time.

** WORLD **
You can explore a vast variety of worlds; forests, mountain ranges, dungeons and even the underworld, and best of all; everything is random! Enemies, statistics and even the world.
You will never encounter the same world, making Random Chance, a true random chance.
The world includes a constant changing day-night cycle, which makes everything around you dynamic and alive.

Cherry_Games's comments:

Hello everyone!

We are proud to announce that our game, Random Chance, is finally out across all iOS devices.
The game is a mix between RPG and rogue like games, with a unique combat system.
Combat takes place turn based, but can occur anywhere on the map. While in combat, any enemy can join in on the action at any given time, so be careful!
Everything in the world of Random Chance, as the name implies, is randomly generated. The terrain, all the stats, the loot, you name it.

We hope to interact with fans of the genre here, to get some more feedback, and work together on future updates! More info, and for a trailer of the game, please visit: http://randomchance.cherrygames.org

Thanks for taking the time to have a look, we hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoy developing it.
02-23-2014, 02:58 PM
and here is the Trailer for those that don't have their device handy


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