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App description: Join Leonardo Da Vinci as he breaks out of jail! Da Vinci Jailbreak is a fast paced, side scrolling game that will put your reflexes to the test.

Da Vinci Jailbreak is as close as you can get to exploring the life of famous renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci. This historically accurate* game puts you in the shoes of Da Vinci as he escapes the Venetian police using his 'Uni­Cycle Helicopter', 'Wing­Glider' and many other gadgets. If you like the 15th century, Da Vinci and renaissance police chases then this is the game for you!

* In no way is this game historically accurate.

You will need fast reflexes to help Da Vinci dodge the many enemies that want to keep him locked away. Flying javelins, spearmen, buzzsaws and rotating windmills will block your path as you try to collect as many rare gems and power­ups as you can! Power­ups will provide you with new vehicles to help you stay alive and get better scores, these power­ups include Da Vincis Wing­Glider, Gravity Sphere and his Hot Air Balloon. This game has
a simple one touch control system allowing you to jump right into the action. Simply touch and hold the screen to fly up and release the screen to fall back down. It takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master!