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App description: Youve got to think fast to keep up with this high-flying customer! Someone flicked a blob of wasabi (the spicy Japanese horseradish paste) into space where the condiment promptly developed a healthy appetite of its own. Wasabi hates healthy foods like veggies, but just loves junk food, especially donuts. Luckily for you both, space is littered with carrots, cupcakes, and other tasty items. Avoid the veggies, go for the treats, and you and your green friend are going to go far!

Lazer Kat's comments:
I almost didn't give this a 2nd glance
I'm glad I decided to try it

It's an endless riser that's a lot of fun
On iPad, the gameplay area doesn't take up near the entire screen
That's a huge turn off, but I'm enjoying it enough to overlook it.