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App description: [Game Description]

"Clash of Destiny" is based on Three Kingdom's narrative, but beyond the original's

spectacle introducing whole new easy battle system.

Dynamic rendering towards a fierce battle with the epic heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

Guild Battle mobile RPG that takes place in the vast China continent.

Enjoy handy on mobile epic story of collision between Wei, Shu, Wu of the Three Kingdoms.

Occupy the strongholds of other nations cooperating with the fellows from your affiliated nation.

Various modifying options of weapons for more powerful attack

Personal Raid Mission is also available.

Take an alliance with other players to challenge a mission together.

[Game Features]

You can create your own corps on among Wei, Shu and Wu, participate in the Stronghold

occupation battle along with the members of your corps.

There are 124 missions you can carry, 135 types of weapon to acquire from the missions.

You may also develop each Stronghold with your corps members to correspond to the invasion.

National War is held once a day.

Defeat the other nations in a National War to double the amount of winning money.

Challenge a PVP subjugation mission, top-ranked players will be rewarded daily by the individual ranking.

Regardless of your affiliated nation, you can challenge a battle versus any other players to achieve the consecutive victories.

Hire the other users as your sworn brother to increase power. You can exchange Dumpling, the source of AP, between the sworn brothers.

You can strengthen the gears such as weapon, armor, horse and book by modifying them.

Cooperate with other users in Warlord Mission to acquire a more powerful weapon.
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