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iPhone: Flipping Bird

02-27-2014, 06:38 PM
Flipping Bird

Greetings fellow gamers,

Today, Yetiden Games brings you Flipping Bird, a successor to the late great Flappy Bird. There are a great many copycat games now on the market, but from what we can tell, they all lack one key component: physics. They fall short in the single most important aspect that made Flappy Bird fun. We didn't play them all however, but believe me, we played a lot! Their sloppy controls and unresponsiveness makes them inferior to that simple - yet addictive - flipping game.

Last week, my friend and I decided to make a parody of the game. The idea came suddenly and we knew that we needed to get started on it immediately, so we sat down, put the coffee on, and got to work. Thirty hours later we submitted Flipping Bird to the App Store. We assumed Apple would reject our game as they did with many other games that were too similar to Flappy Bird. We spent the next week moping about, getting angry that our App wasn't going to be approved. It was a good game and nobody was going to see it. Last night, the email came and we were speechless for a few seconds when read that our game was approved. I guess all that animosity towards Apple was unnecessary.

Flipping Bird is the best reincarnation of Flappy Bird on the market. First, because it stays true to the exact physics algorithm of the original (it's not too hard, too easy, or too unresponsive) and second, because it brings its own twisted sense of humor and self-referential snark to the mix.

It's free, so if you have an iPhone, check it out!

PS: We love you and we think you're super awesome and probably extremely physically attractive, and all members of the gender(s) of your choice feel physically faint and very flushed whenever you walk by.

PPS: Let us know if we should dial the ass-kissing up or down, we're flexible.