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Marketing tips?

02-27-2014, 07:09 PM
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Marketing tips?

So like most people making a game, we lack money for a big or normal marketing campaign.

Our game will be released in April and I have a handful of ideas on how to market it (free) but I wanted to ask everyone for ideas or to share experiences so we can learn new things, avoid mistakes, etc..

Any ideas on how to get your game out there a bit above the rest??

really appreciate any words! thanks!
02-27-2014, 08:10 PM
Your best marketing is some form of friend import function via phonebook. My app was downloaded in the thousands purely because of this, with absolutely no marketing. If your game has a social element, I would leverage that import function.

Secondly, twitter. Tweet your demographic, put your App Store link in front of teens and do it daily. There are hundreds of millions of users, tweet them all, and do it daily. If you have an import function running in conjunction, then for every user you get, they might invite 3-5 people. A great way to grow.

But the ultimate marketing is the quality of your app. If it looks great and people enjoy playing it then you've got a better than slim chance. If you can create something truly special, the likes of the big blogs will get you more users than you can handle. And of course from that will be a snowball effect, you'll get the attention of Apple, and if you get featured too, then you could be the next flappy birds.

Obviously a lot of luck rides on this, your press release would have to have an angle that makes bloggers want to write about you.

There you go, some free marketing advice!

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02-27-2014, 09:35 PM
You have some useful advices there, suppoman. Many thanks.
I'm also learning to market my first game "Awesome Cutetulu", which has been submitted to Apple and hopefully available soon
02-28-2014, 05:50 AM
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@suppoman. I read your advice with interest! Can you expand a bit on "friend import function". What does this mean exactly? (excuse my ignorance)
02-28-2014, 06:01 AM
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From a gamers point of view if i get bombarded with tweets/facebook messages about a game i'll simply avoid that dev and wont download any of their games.

If a games decent it shouldnt need tons of spam marketing on twitter/facebook
02-28-2014, 07:15 AM
@suppoman thanks for your advice.
i'm just marketing our team's first app and it's a productivity app
so there's no reason people would like the sociable feature installed..
but anyway, who knows, maybe that will work in my app too
it's always good to learn and try something than doing nothing
02-28-2014, 05:35 PM
@Simpleinteractive There should be an 'Invite friend' screen, where you select a friend and it will generate an SMS which has the link to your app on the app store. Similar to my app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puffchat-send-vanishing-texts/id780972803?mt=8

@psj3809 You may or may not be in the majority but it's horses for courses. Most of the general public use twitter on mobile so when they open the link the app will be on there screen ready to download. Lets face it, every iphone user likes downloading an app that interests them. Its better than waiting around hoping they will find it cos if its not in the featured apps on the app store, you'll have a hard time. I would know. I'd like to think I have learnt my lesson.

By the way, tweeting people is what Instagram did to get 20,000 downloads on their first day.
02-28-2014, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
From a gamers point of view if i get bombarded with tweets/facebook messages about a game i'll simply avoid that dev and wont download any of their games.

If a games decent it shouldnt need tons of spam marketing on twitter/facebook
At least you then know the game exists. The main problem indie devs have is getting people to know it exists.

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03-01-2014, 12:58 AM
This looks like a good idea, But I have only a few followers, so out of the millions of users on twitter, how do know whom to tweet to?

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03-01-2014, 06:22 PM
Type in keywords in the search box and it brings up users most suited to you.
For instance, for my app, I wanted to target snapchat users as they are my target demographic, and then just tweet them individually. I also send out tweets saying 'If you like Snapchat, check this app out' and generally both approaches get me over 100 downloads a day.

If they don't like it, they won't open it, but if you send 100 tweets and get 70 downloads, it's better than doing none and getting 10 or so.

Plus, make sure you don't stop...momentum is key to keep pushing your app up the charts. Don't lost it or you'll find it difficult to break into the top 100 again.