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App description: This is the secret garden where only you and we exist.
Breed us, discover weird and bizarre new shapes of alpacas and train us to get out into the world.

Pet us and love us please..
We are so lonely, can't you hold us company?
Wherever you move your finger we will follow your warmth. But please don't leave us alone for too long, we can't stand being alone

Help us become free..!
We don't want to leave you, but when time comes we must.
Show us the way out of this strange garden and help us out into the world.

What shape should we take to please you?
For you, we can turn into anything.
Pair us together and see what bizarre creatures we will create.
By changing the pair our creations will also change.

The strange shapes we will take just for you
What kind of food will you let us eat? What kind of garden will you let us live in?
By changing our environment we might just evolve into newer and stranger creatures than before..
I wonder what bizarre creatures will appear?
I hope you won't find us too grotesque...


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Doesn't look like the original alpaca?? Is this from the same dev?

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