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iPad: Da Vinci's Art of War

02-28-2014, 10:06 AM
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Slitherine presents Da Vinci's Art of War - Strategy Boardgame

Hi guys,

just to let you know we've submit Do Vinci's Art of War to Apple and are in review. It is for iPad, OS 6+. Buy links will be added to our store page when they are available - http://bit.ly/1hIGobm

Da Vinciís Art of War is a turn-based strategy game about the amazing machines and weapons designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian most famous homo universalis.

Set in the Europe of the XVI century, Da Vinciís Art of War explores how the Old World would have appeared if those inventions were truly realized.

The game takes place on a board that shows the European continent, divided into land Regions and Sea Areas. Players, taking the role of lords and nobles, will have to earn as many Victory Points as possible by improving their military supremacy, financial management, and purchasing Da Vinciís projects.

* Regional strategy game, simple yet deep and addictive
* Original graphic style for Da Vinciís weapons and works of art
XVI century Europe map
* Variety of AI opponents with their own play styles.
* Fully translated to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian!
* Based on the famous board game ďDa Vinciís Art of War - MagnificoĒ
* Engaging, unpredictable and addictive!

I've been playing this to death over the last month and having a blast. I strongly recommend this one!

We'll announce a release date as soon as we get word from Apple!

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