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App description: A.C.E. Tomcat is a fully interactive mobile app featuring one of the most recognisable and iconic fighter aircraft ever built - the F-14A Tomcat. Make no mistake - this is no game. A.C.E. Tomcat forgoes sketchy controls and low quality graphics found in most mobile apps and instead provides the user with an unprecedented level of detail, allowing the user to interact with a high fidelity 3d model of the Tomcat, and learn about the history, capabilities and fascinating, little known facts about this incredible fighter jet.


- Get up close and personal with an incredibly detailed model of the F-14 Tomcat that goes far beyond the low-fidelity assets youre used to seeing on mobile devices today!

- Fire off Phoenix, Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles, chaff, flares, drop laser-guided Paveway II smart bombs and fire the Tomcats awesome M61A1 cannon!

- Select a paint scheme from three iconic US Navy squadrons or for something completely different, check out the distinctive camouflage of the Islamic Republic of Irans Tomcats

- Read about the various passive and active countermeasures available to the F-14A and then see them in action as the Tomcat attempts to avoid incoming missiles

- Fully realised 3d cockpits for both the pilot and Radar Intercept Officer stations put you right in the middle of the action.

- Designed for all devices! A.C.E. Tomcat intelligently scales its graphics from the smallest phones through to the largest tablets!

Two distinct modes provide you with the opportunity to learn and interact with this incredible aircraft -

- In Info Mode you can read about the various weapons, avionics, systems and control surfaces that combine to create one of the most capable fighter aircraft ever built, with over 50 different info markers and thousands of lines of original text found nowhere else!

- In Action Mode, the full capabilities of this iconic fighter come to life, as you execute flight maneuvers, fire weapons, change weapons loadouts and much more!
02-28-2014, 04:17 PM
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Game Impressions

02-28-2014, 06:56 PM
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Is there a game element to this?

I have the sudden urge to play something like a turn/card/point based game where you choose commands in your Action Mode, see all the actions come to life in front of you, and then depending on your opponents choice, you deal damage to them, avoid damage, etc etc...

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