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Crazy island, flying bombs in Angry Bomber

03-01-2014, 04:21 AM
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Crazy island, flying bombs in Angry Bomber

I found a shooting game at app store today, which named Angry Bomber. The characters are very cute, whatís more, itís an online game! Itís easy to play, if you know Angry Bird, you may know how to shoot. The game likes DD Tank I played before, kind of mobile version of DD Tank. However, I was attracted by the gameís amazing scene at first; More fun, more excitement!
I got this game for IOS from: http://goo.gl/pJKgPj
We can always join the facebook event to get free rewards. And here is the facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/AngryBomber

The main page is a green island, and the functions are built on the island. The simple and warm tips makes me feel easy to get know to this game, how to fight with others, where to find the task and claim rewards.


Before the fight, you can choose skills and props such as scattering and 40% attack buff. Itís necessary to buy some HP bags if you donít want to get killed.

I love the Star weapon, because I can dig a hole and bury the enemy quickly with its high AOE.

On the fight, you can use funny expression to laugh at your enemy.

Thatís my favorite weapon, see its heart bullet?! So sweet!

Never stay at the edge of the map because you canít attack other players. Now you should leave via FLY or MOVE.

The lovely wings can increase your HP, whatís more, the wing will fan when you fly! How could I miss it !

The instance is another attractive function. The boss has level limited, so youíd better up level soon. The first boss is waiting for you when you reached lvl.15, and you should be level up to lvl.35 to defeat the strongest boss. Tips: remember to find your teammate when adventure boss!
You may get many different items after killing the boss, such as free suits, diamonds or gold. I canít challenge the same boss twice continuously because the CD time so I will always spend some diamonds to reduce the CD.

In 6 adventures, I love the first oneómutation mushrooms. Hardly imagine these ugly mushrooms can talk!

This is the mushroom suit from the Mushroom Boss. Is it cute?

Click the egg is fun after the boss, want diamonds? Gold? Suit? Lol, see if you are lucky or not. The first two times is free, and after that you can just pay 50 diamonds for knocking 1 more egg.


The first thing will do after I enter the game is sign in. Daily sign in can get gold, medals and reinforced stone. Accumulated sign in a few days can get more rewards.

Growth Fund, invest little, return more. I suggest you buy the advanced fund, only spend 1000 diamonds, then you can totally get 50,000 diamonds when you meet certain level!

Love wheel, kind of draw, just one heart may give you useful items, such as a new cool wingsóFantasy Wing. Btw, I also want this wings. LOL~

You can make yourself stronger in the Lab, functions like upgrade, evolve, inlay will make you much more powerful! Firstly your weapon should be +4 or more, so you wonít get killed when you match strong players. And evolve and inlay, I like the shining items, it makes me look brilliant.

The flashing equipment is looking so pleasing.

The pet I tamed name Butterfly. You can train and cultivate it in pet center to improve its stats. I am so expecting the evolution of my butterfly, although I donít know when it will show after that.

Guild is a team. I also join a top team. It helps you get more EXP in guild war. Also you can make nice friends here.

All kinds of beautiful suits, cool weapons, and other items are on sale in the Shop. You can try these clothes for clicking on the one you liked. I like football girl the most, saucy and sexy, LOL. Almost all the items in Shop are selling by diamonds, some of it will little expensive. I usually buy 30 days or 180 days because it cost more effective.

Marry system! Marry him. Give her your best promise. Couples will get free wedding dress after marriage. Also get extra EXP in the fight. Couples can send diamonds to each other.
Thank you~~
03-01-2014, 05:49 AM
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So...you just happened upon this game