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Mines of Mars help and tips (maybe some spoilers)

03-05-2014, 07:26 AM
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Mines of Mars help and tips (maybe some spoilers)

Echoseven posted these helpful tips below - and I think people will want to know the secrets to the boss fights. Some of them are tricky.

While digging, tap on any ore/mineral in your field of vision to see what it is.

Dig horizontally before you dig down. This applies for long shafts - have a horizontal offshoot every 15 blocks or so as well as general exploratory digging. If there's an ore underneath you, dig one block further than the start of your downwards facing shaft. It will help you if you want to come back up and keep digging horizontally.

You can shoot blocks to destroy them. I haven't tried this on ore, but dirt goes down fairly easily. You can use this to make a hole in a wall you can't land near, or upwards.

While exploring caverns is fun, a single vertical shaft with horizontal branches will make sure you cover as much ground as possible. Mining horizontally every so often gets boring, but you can easily get away with horizontal passages whenever you see something interesting.

Don't bother with the Offering Pit until much, much later.

I recommend upgrading/crafting in this order: Pickaxe -> Container / Helmet -> Jetpack / Boots

Weapon crafting isn't that important. The standard pistol will last you through any mining encounters, but extra firepower makes bosses a whole lot easier.

You will find boss areas, made of unbreakable gray stone. The doors are locked, but can be opened by finding a nearby thing. These are rarely more than a screen away from the special zones.

The things from above that you find stand on an unbreakable stone base. Standing on the left- or right-most stone of these bases will save you some time. You'll see what I mean.

The revolver is pretty much the best weapon, alongside the pistol. The rest are situationally wonderful.

There are some bugs, unfortunately. Lots.

A shot or two with the pistol will get rid of them!

While digging a single shaft downwards, I recommend making horizontal offshoots "arrow"-shaped. Here's a spoiler-free picture example: http://oi57.tinypic.com/mmqrl.jpg. Single-block-high tunnels are much more difficult to fly into.

Dying or running out of fuel will cost you your inventory... Make sure you empty it before boss fights!