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Its the STONE AGE and YOU are the first CAVEMAN to discover FIRE! Wow, right?

After a particularly gassy dinner you begin tinkering with your new friend, fire. *toot* Oh, wow, fire liked that, didn't he? **tooooot** WOW!

Off you go - the first Rocket Caveman in history. Sadly, with little control, you probably won't be able to share this new found technology with your friends of the future. At least you can share it on our leaderboards!

May you be the boldest, gassiest Caveman in history!

hullabu's comments:
We've been annoyed by the loss of our beloved office crazy, Flappy Bird. So we tried Splashy Fish and hated it. In the end we just made our own version

Check out Rocket Caveman!

Hullabu Team