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Seadelphica game

03-06-2014, 01:32 PM
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Seadelphica game

I'm pleased to introduce Seadelphica. This game tells the story of spiritual and physical development of the black dolphin ‘Jengu’, in a game that offers a live Tumblr™ newsfeed!


If Ecco The Dolphin just swam through the run-off of Timothy Leary's lab http://www.complex.com/video-games/2...hin-mind-f-uck … via @ComplexVG
Seadelphica has a dolphin with machine guns, uses Tumblr http://dtoid.it/1juf4ix
SEADELPHICA is a narrated story of the black dolphin ‘Jengu’ created in a secret scientific laboratory within the project on establishing interspecific communication. Its eyes, smart augmented reality glasses, its body, live online matter connected to the mysterious global electronic network “Oversense”.

Consistently experiencing the stages of spiritual development, the black dolphin learn to master powerful technologies. The dolphin will have to learn to create new elementary particles, light up new stars, create black and white holes, and in the end to re-program the entire Universe. But to achieve all that it will have to face the greatest endurance, to find cosmic love.

SEADELPHICA is divided into 24 levels where each level represents a chapter from the narrated “SEADELPHICA: Black Dolphin Fabula” storyline - Under the process of Jengu’s self development he will meet enemies who are much stronger than he is. For each such boss Jengu has to develop individual strategy to win. There are 8 bosses in the game, and each one is special, each one has unique mechanic of the fight, which differs from the common gameplay’s tasks and runners in the game. After killing each boss Jengu absorb his unique talent. Player can kill some bosses in a few ways.

SEADELPHICA will be available for iOS®, Android™ and Windows Phone™ technologies.

Features of gameplay:

- Gameplay forms by story-driven Runner and FreePlay. FreePlay is a meditative research of the unknown world. Player is born synchronous along with the black dolphin Jengu, and doesn’t know anything about the outside world the same as Jengu. Dangerous and dynamic Runners come afterwards, and in this part of the game Jengu has to prove his strength and speed

- SEADELPHICA can be played in different ways, you can choose a runner or pick the one with the storyline. The history of the world and spiritual growth of the dolphin come to the surface with help of the storyline. However, we are not insisting on the storyline, it is just one of the bonuses, if player wants just to relax and play runner he could easily do it

- There are two different end-pieces in the game

- Player has ability to connect his Tumblr™ blog with the game. Pictures from Tumblr™ are not pointless innovation; they influence the course of the game. As example, there will be boss named Zelig in the game who has the ability to materialize pictures from Tumblr™ in the reality and attack Jengu using these subjects. In its turn, Jengu can choose different ways of Zelig’s annihilation with the help of Tumblr™ pictures. One more example, Jengu will have access to the special seeds, which will transform into subjects from Tumblr™ blogs after sowing. With the help of such seeds you can build your own house or create new bio-synthetical creatures

- Jengu is not defenseless, he can connect with his body different weapons and during self-enrichments he discovers new skills – magic unicorn, wings and “shield”

To create our soundtrack and to record our audio, we have invited our friends from the Moscow creative community RAD. They are well-known producers from Russia and develop the local musical electronic stage. To complete the work on our soundtrack we invited three producers differing in style and mood: 813, Slava and Jenya Gorbunov, part of Stoned Boys band. Each one of them is working on the score for various game mechanics. Audio branding agency Radar is supervising the project.

Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/seadelphica/se...


03-08-2014, 05:36 AM

Whatever this is, I love it!

Current game: "Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" - nefarious dinosaurs, daredevil adventurers and cybernetic cats!
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