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DRAGORENA - fantasy PvP battler

03-06-2014, 02:50 PM
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DRAGORENA - fantasy PvP battler

Greetings to all fantasy PvP addicts!

Heat's coming up soon as Appublica is putting the final gloss on DRAGORENA for iOS (iPad).

The main idea of this game is 'casual' fantasy battler truly mobile-centric. The game offers short but extremely dynamic session about 1 minute each with lots of different tactics, spells, mobs, upgrades and other exciting features. UI minimalism allow easily to pick up and play Dragorena for any skill level enjoying the game as its best.


The winner takes it all. Knowing such simple thing the most of us are hungry to walk a fine line between success and failure, life and death. That’s what fighting’s all about. So come and get a daily dose of pure adrenaline and put your daily routine on fire!

Enter Dragorena. Get yourself one of its kind PvP game designed for iPad where players put their fingers on mighty dragons and their magic fighting for global leadership.

The aim of the game is to slay the opponent's dragon to win and gain score points. Draw the pass to follow for your dragon on the screen in real time anyway you want it. Tap the spell cards after cooldown to make your dragon cast its magic. But remember, your dragon only has a limited amount of mana for all spells available. Evolve your dragon to get new spells, more mana and hit points. Kill the mobs and bosses to get yourself experience points and power-ups to achieve tactical advantage here and now.

Learning new spells as well as upgrading the old ones to the new levels are matter of life and death here. Players will quickly get used to new combo possibilities they can get from using several spells at a time. Each dragon has unique spells of its own which alters their gameplay and tactics drastically. Different types of mana and armor are there to serve the common goal – being victorious.

Each dragon has its own arena and a set of mobs. Dragorena is a PvP fighting game challenging gamers to face each other in battle. It puts them into world without rules where only victory counts.

Some other screenshots:


  • - 4 initial elemental dragons and arenas to master;
  • - 4 types of elemental experience to gain;
  • - 5 sessions in a row with cool down;
  • - 5 unique magic spells for each dragon;
  • - 10 types of mana and armor;
  • - 5 in-fight power-ups;
  • - lots of different mobs and obstacles;
  • - about 50 upgrades;
  • - Facebook and Twitter integration.

If you'd like to test the game on your iPad you could send us your emails by PM for test invitation on Testflightapp as well as your feedbacks/comments/suggestions.

Thank you guys and stay tuned!


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